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How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost?

Learning to drive, and driving in general, is one of the more expensive parts of modern life, but is a necessity that many of us simply cannot live without. For most teenagers, the cost of learning to drive can be a real cause for concern, so let’s break it down and see just how much you have to budget for as you begin your driving career.

What is the Average Cost of Driving Lessons?

As with most services, the cost of driving lessons fluctuates up and down the country, and even then will change from instructor to instructor within the town you live in. For example, the typical cost of a driving lesson in the North East, assuming you have bought a block of 10 lessons at a time, is £17 against the £28 you might expect to pay in the Midlands, with the average sitting at £23.10. Of course this is not a definitive figure and there may be cheaper instructors in the Midlands than some that offer lessons in the North East.

Why do Some Driving Lessons Cost More or Less?

A number of factors come into play when looking into the cost of driving lessons. As previously stated your location plays a major part – if you live in a more rural area then you’re likely to be paying less than someone living in the city, for example. You may also find a difference in pricing between lessons from independent instructors instead of going through a larger driving school. It’s also worth asking around – perhaps friends or family recently used a particular instructor who was able to offer a good deal, or even let you know who to avoid.

Can I Get Cheaper Driving Lessons?

As is often the case, buying in bulk can save you a bunch of cash when it comes to booking driving lessons. If you aren’t sure you want to go all-in with one instructor then you can start by paying for five or 10 to start with, and then if you’re comfortable you could book further in advance, remembering that it takes approximately 40-50hrs of professional lessons.

You may also find you make a saving if you book directly with an instructor rather than going through a driving school. Most schools will take a cut of the instructor’s earnings if the booking was made via their website, so going direct means they don’t have to pay the commission and as such may offer you a discount.

The cheapest way by far to learn to drive is to have a friend or family member teach you – providing they are at least 21 years old and have had their full licence for at least three years. However, while you may be saving money short term on lessons, remember that instructors are trained to teach you how to pass your test, not just how to drive. Your friends or family members may also have picked up bad habits over the years and will be passing these on to you so just be sure you’re not going to be losing any money you saved on lessons by having to pay for any retests. 

Do I Have to Pay to Take My Driving Test?

Once you’ve got to the point you feel you’re ready to pass your test, the next stage is to book your test. The easiest way to book your test is to do so via the website, where you can book up to 24 weeks in advance. In order to be able to book your practical driving test, you must have already passed your theory test, which is also bookable from the website. A theory test will set you back £23, no matter when you book it for, whereas a driving test costs £62 on weekdays, however should you wish to take the test in the evening, at the weekend or on a bank holiday, the price rises to £75.

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