Can I Scrap The Catalytic Converter From My Car?

The catalytic converter that’s fitted to your car might as well be plated in gold and encrusted with diamonds. These components are well known within the industry for being one of the highest value, most sought after parts on any vehicle… which unfortunately explains why thieves have begun specifically targeting them in roadside robberies. But if it’s so expensive, you might be wondering what’s stopping you from simply selling it yourself. Well, allow us to explain whether you can do just that!

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Can You Scrap A Catalytic Converter?

To answer the question in a word: yes. You are totally able to scrap a catalytic converter. Once again, this is why theft of this particular component is so rife since crooks can strip one off an unfortunate vehicle and sell it to one of the less reputable scrap buyers who will take it off their hands, no questions asked.

However, whether you should scrap your catalytic converter is another matter. It should go without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway) that removing and selling your catalytic converter from your car before you’re due to scrap the whole vehicle is a terrible idea. This device is used to filter out the most harmful emissions from your exhaust fumes to keep them in line with the government’s agreed standards. Removing this will mean that your vehicle will begin pumping some truly awful emissions out into the air that are not only harmful, but also illegal. Don’t expect to pass an MOT test without your catalytic converter in place and operational!

Now, let’s assume you are ready to scrap your whole car, but you’re thinking about taking bits off it to sell separately. The catalytic converter is likely to be the first one you’re drawn to since it’s worth a lot of money whilst also being fairly straightforward to remove from your car. However, while doing this could make you a ‘quick buck’ it could also vastly reduce the value of your car on the whole. The catalytic converter is sought after by all scrap buyers, whether they’re buying parts individually or entire cars. If your vehicle is missing it, they will adjust their valuation of your vehicle accordingly.

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How Much Is A Catalytic Converter Worth As Scrap?

The cat converter that’s stuck to the bottom of your car is worth a pretty penny as scrap, as we’ve already established. The materials that these parts are made from have incredible value and can be reacquired in their raw form once the converter is melted down.

Because of this, the catalytic converter on your vehicle could be worth anywhere from several hundreds of pounds up to well over £1,000 to a scrap buyer who’s looking to get their hands on the palladium, rhodium and other materials that it’s made up of!

Hybrid cars tend to be targeted most frequently by thieves as they do have a catalytic converter, but it gets far less use than one on a fossil fuel car. This means that, generally speaking, they’re in better condition and haven’t suffered wear and tear to the same extent that a petrol or diesel car of the same age and mileage might have.
If you’re ready to sell your car as scrap, it doesn’t matter to us whether it’s got its catalytic converter or not. Scrap Car Comparison will find you the best price that the market can offer for your vehicle, with free collection included for every customer, no matter where in the UK you are! In just 30 seconds you could be browsing the best deals for your car without leaving your living room! Give us a call on 03333 44 99 50 or use our scrap car price calculator and get a valuation now!

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