Can I Scrap My Alloy Wheels

The purpose of a car is to get us from A to B, but the vast majority of drivers like to do so in style. For many, this means equipping their car with a flashy set of alloy wheels that’ll glimmer in the sunlight as they cruise down the road. Alloys are known to give a car a little something extra, but what are you supposed to do with them once it’s time to scrap the car? Should they make the journey to the scrap yard, too? Let us explain…

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What Are Alloy Wheels?

Opposing the standard steel wheels that most cars start out with, alloy wheels are made from an alloy (that being a mixture of chemical elements where at least one is a metal) of either aluminium or magnesium. This combination of elements makes alloy wheels stronger than steel and unable to bend as easily after impacts with rough road services. However, alloy wheels combine this superior strength with a lighter weight, improving a vehicle’s performance and handling.

Can You Sell Your Alloy Wheels For Scrap?

Alloy wheels can be sold for scrap, much like any other part of any car. At Scrap Car Comparison, we’ll take your vehicle whole, wheels included, and if it’s fitted with a set of alloys, this will be taken into consideration when valuing the car.

Typically, weight is king when it comes to scrap valuation, so you might think that having alloy wheels on your car will lower your quoted price. That’s not necessarily true, though, since alloys are highly sought after, unlike plain old steel wheels. In this case, lighter might leave you better off!

How Do You Get Rid Of Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels can be disposed of along with the rest of the vehicle, which Scrap Car Comparison can help you with. We’ll find you a buyer that’s offering a fantastic price who will take your car, alloys included, and get rid of it ethically and legally.

There’s also the option to sell the wheels to a private buyer who might want to use them on their own car. As we said above, alloys are thought to be very stylish and are extremely popular with those who value the appearance and performance of their car. If they’re in perfect condition and are a common fit for other cars, you might find that there’s some demand for your alloys.

Or, there is another option…

Can You Recycle Your Alloys?

Yes! Alloy wheels can be recycled, just like the rest of your car can these days! In fact, when your car is scrapped with a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (like the ones that Scrap Car Comparison partners with) you know that, by law, at least 95% of your vehicle’s mass must be recycled. Disposing of cars has never been more environmentally friendly than it is today!

If you’ve already removed your car’s alloy wheels and are looking to get rid of them separately, you can also find dedicated recycling centres that will take your alloys off your hands and recycle or repurpose them.

Can You Buy Second Hand Alloys?

Many drivers will own a car that is itself second hand, or at the very least, has second hand components in or on it. Can alloy wheels find themselves included in the list of used parts?

Yes, you can buy second hand alloys and for some people this would be the only way of being able to afford a set due to their inflated price. Like recycling, there are certain retailers that specialise in selling second hand car parts, including alloys, so if you’re prepared to do a bit of digging, you could find a bargain!

Should I Repair My Alloys Before Selling Them?

It goes without saying that a car in tip top condition will be worth more to a buyer than one that’s covered in dents and scratches. The same can be said for its alloy wheels, and you can almost guarantee that if you’re looking to sell your alloys on their own, a buyer who’s preparing to put them on their own car will go over them with a fine-tooth comb looking for any imperfections.

It’s important to weigh up the finances though – how much is it going to cost to repair your alloys, and how much is it going to add to the value? If you’re shelling out £100 to repair your wheels, but once all is said and done, you’ve only increased their worth by £10… is it really worth the time and effort? Only you can say.

If sticking a set of alloys on your car feels a bit like polishing a you-know-what, then perhaps it’s time to sell the whole thing and pocket some cash to put towards a new vehicle. We work only with professional, registered ATFs to track down the best prices offered for your car or van and the highest quality service to go with it! Our network spans 99% of the UK, so no matter where you are, we’ll be able to find you a buyer, plus we’ll even arrange for your car to be collected from you at no cost! Give us a call on 03333 44 99 50 or use our scrap car price calculator to find out how much you could bank from selling your car now.

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