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We’re Supporting The Ambulance Staff Charity as our Featured Charity this April!

Scrap Car Comparison is partnering with The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) this April to help support the wellbeing of our lifesaving ambulance community.

Founded out of the Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund, TASC supports the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of people within ambulance services across the UK.

Demand for TASC’s services increases by 40% every year, and mental health is the most in-demand of the services provided by the charity, accounting for 4 in every 5 interventions they provide. In 2021/22 TASC provided over 3,200 hours of mental health support and their service users saw an average 57% improvement in their mental health symptoms, and people experiencing PTSD saw almost a 66% improvement in their trauma symptoms. Meanwhile, those who came to TASC for help with their finances, were, on average, £374 better off each month and the charity helped write off over £22,000 of debt and gave £57,000 in financial grants. TASC also provided 168 rehabilitation sessions for those injured in the line of duty over the past 12 months. 

You can help TASC support those who could help you in your hour of need by choosing to donate through our Donate-A-Car scheme. When selling your car with Scrap Car Comparison you can choose to donate some – or even every single penny – of the profits to our featured charity. We’ve worked with some of the biggest charities in the country and raised thousands of pounds towards important work across a huge spectrum of causes. For further information on how this scheme works, we’ve put together a handy FAQ document, which can be found here.

Use our quick and easy online quote generator, or call us on 03333 449950 and find out just how much you could receive for your old car in as little as 60 seconds.

With just one phone call, you could help raise money for the staff keeping our ambulance service running, ensuring that they’re able to operate at their best and to provide the very best of their extremely important, life-saving work.

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