Hyundai Scrappage Scheme

Currently there is no official Hyundai scrappage scheme active. The previous scrappage scheme ended on 31/12/19 and has not been restarted. Hyundai drivers looking to scrap their cars or vans are recommended to compare prices to maximise the payout from scrapping their vehicle.

What is the Hyundai scrappage scheme?

Hyundai‘s scrappage scheme was open to anyone who had a vehicle that had been registered prior to the 1st October 2011 and had been owned for more than 90 days by the customer trading the car. Unlike other schemes, there were no rules surrounding the emissions standards of the car, other than having an impact on how the car was dealt with once traded in. In return, the customer was offered savings of up to £5,000 on a new car.

Is the Hyundai scrappage scheme coming back?

There have been no suggestions that Hyundai’s scrappage scheme will be returning since it ended in 2019. As one of the more recent schemes to end, it may be unlikely to restart any time soon.

How did the scrappage scheme work?

The Scrappage Scheme from Hyundai offered customers the chance to save money on a new car, with the amount saved changing depending on the car you were putting an order down on. For example, you could save up to £750 on a new i10 PLAY, while the savings figure jumped up to £5,000 if you purchased a Santa Fe.

Any car could be traded in provided it was built and registered before the 1st October 2011, and if it was built to Euro 1, 2 or 3 emissions standards it would be scrapped, while cars built to Euro 4 or Euro 5 standards would be treated as a normal trade-in.

Petrol Cars:

There was no restriction on the fuel type that could be traded, and the discount was available on petrol and diesel cars alike.

Diesel Cars:

There was no restriction on the fuel type that could be traded, and the discount was available on petrol and diesel cars alike.

Electric Cars:

It was unlikely that you would be trading in an electric car due to the age restrictions on eligible cars, and there were no savings to be had on any pure-electric models. Discounts were offered on hybrids and plug-in hybrids, but only non-electric Konas or hybrid IONIQs were available to be ordered.

Do I qualify for a Scrappage Scheme Offer?

Just because you missed out on the Hyundai scrappage scheme doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise a scrappage scheme at all. At present, there are three that are currently based on location, due to upcoming or expanding Clean Air Schemes. Their eligibility rules and regulations are explained below:

  • London – available to London residents with a vehicle that is not ULEZ compliant
  • Birmingham – available to those who work 18 hours a week or more within Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone, who earn £30,000 a year or less and have owned a non-compliant vehicle since 10 September 2018
  • Scotland – Available to owners of non-compliant vehicles who live within a 20km radius of a Scottish Low Emission Zone

How to Scrap Your Hyundai

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