Ford Scrappage Scheme

Currently there is no official Ford scrappage scheme active. The previous scrappage scheme ended on 30/10/21 and has not been restarted. Ford drivers looking to scrap their cars or vans are recommended to compare prices to maximise the payout from scrapping their vehicle.

What is the Ford scrappage scheme?

Ford‘s scrappage scheme was one of the more recent schemes provided by manufacturers, and offered a £2,000 discount when purchasing a brand new Ford in return for trading in an older car. The car being traded in had to have been owned by the customer for at least 90 days, and must have been first registered on or before the 31st December 2012.

Is the Ford scrappage scheme coming back?

There has been no suggestion that the Ford scrappage scheme will return any time soon, but if there are any rumours of this nature, then we shall update this page accordingly.

How did the scrappage scheme work?

Ford’s scrappage was available for any customer who had owned a car that was registered before 2013 for at least 90 days. In return for their scrappage – which acted more like a trade-in – the customer was given a £2,000 discount to put towards a brand new Ford.

Petrol Cars:

Ford’s scrappage scheme was open to vehicles of any fuel type, and provided no restriction on the type of car being purchased.

Diesel Cars:

Ford’s scrappage scheme was open to vehicles of any fuel type, and provided no restriction on the type of car being purchased.

Electric Cars:

Ford has recently become one of the bigger players in the electric market. The Mustang Mach-E is one of the more popular electric cars available, and had just hit the market at the time of Ford’s latest scrappage scheme. Ford currently offers an additional contribution towards a new electric vehicle through its Ford Electrified promotion, offering 0% APR on new cars, and potentially saving up to £500, which can be used in conjunction with the Transport for London scrappage scheme.

Commercial Vehicles:

The Ford Transit may be the most successful commercial vehicle of all time, and Ford has run successful scrappage schemes for commercial vehicles alongside its previous schemes for cars. Much like with the Electrified Promotion for cars, Ford is also running a promotion titled Driving Productivity, again offering 0% APR and up to £500 off a new car, which can again be used alongside the TFL scheme.

Do I qualify for a Scrappage Scheme Offer?

Just because Ford doesn’t have a manufacturer specific scrappage scheme anymore doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of other schemes currently in operation across the country. There are a number of clean air zone schemes active across the UK, in places like:

  • London – available to London residents with a vehicle that is not ULEZ compliant
  • Birmingham – available to those who work 18 hours a week or more within the Birmingham Clean Air Zone, who earn £30,000 a year or less and have owned a non-compliant vehicle since 10 September 2018
  • Scotland – Available to owners of non-compliant vehicles who live within a 20km radius of a Scottish Low Emission Zone

How to Scrap Your Ford

If you’re looking to scrap your Ford, or any car for that matter, but don’t qualify for any of the scrappage schemes currently in operation, then all is not lost. Here at Scrap Car Comparison, we’re dedicated to getting you the very best price for your car, no matter what.

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