Dacia Scrappage Scheme

Currently there is no official Dacia scrappage scheme active. The previous scrappage scheme ended on 31/03/18 and has not been restarted. Dacia drivers looking to scrap their cars or vans are recommended to compare prices to maximise the payout from scrapping their vehicle.

What is the Dacia scrappage scheme?

The Dacia scrappage scheme was originally only in operation for the final quarter of 2017 and only applied to the Duster model, but was later extended until March 2018 and was also available on the Sandero. The car being traded in during this scheme had to be of Euro 4 emissions standard or earlier and registered on or before the 31st December 2009. As with many schemes, you had to have owned the previous vehicle for more than 90 days, and you were offered £1,000 towards a new Dacia in 2017, later upped to £2,000 for 2018.

Is the BMW scrappage scheme coming back?

At present there are no suggestions that the Dacia scrappage scheme will be coming back, as the previous one was in line with a number of other manufacturers looking reduce the number of high polluters from the road whilst also as an attempt to boost their own sales following the success of the government-backed scheme in 2009.

How did the scrappage scheme work?

As with many scrappage schemes, you could trade-in any car, no matter the brand, as long as the car was built to Euro 4 emission standards or earlier, with a registration date of the 31st December 2009 or earlier. You also needed to have owned the car for at least 91 days, and could only make use of the discount when ordering a new car. If you took part in the scheme in 2017 you were offered £1,000 off of the Dacia Duster, whereas in 2018 you could save up to £2,000 on either a Duster or a Sandero.

Petrol Cars:

Unlike some other schemes, Dacia’s scrappage scheme was open to both petrol and diesel powered cars, providing they met the age requirements.

Diesel Cars:

Any diesel, providing it was built to Euro 4 emissions standards and met the age eligibility criteria could be traded in as part of this scheme.

Electric Cars:

Dacia is yet to provide any electric cars, and as there were no electric cars commonly available in 2009 or earlier, they were not eligible to be traded in either.

Do I qualify for a Scrappage Scheme Offer?

Just because there’s no official Dacia scrappage scheme anymore doesn’t mean you can’t make use of an offer from another scheme. There are currently three location-based scrappage schemes in operation, each with their own specific eligibility rules. There is also a scrappage scheme currently offered by Dacia’s parent company, Renault, but no Dacia cars are offered as a part of this.

  • London – available to London residents with a vehicle that is not ULEZ compliant
  • Birmingham – available to those who work 18 hours a week or more within Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone, who earn £30,000 a year or less and have owned a non-compliant vehicle since 10 September 2018
  • Scotland – Available to owners of non-compliant vehicles who live within a 20km radius of a Scottish Low Emission Zone.

How to Scrap Your Dacia Car

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