Bradford’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) – A Guide

Clean Air Schemes are becoming a regular sight as they pop up around the country as the UK pushes for more and more clean air and greener driving, and Bradford is one of the latest to join the growing list. Having come into effect on 26th September 2022, the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) sees thousands of motorists have to pay for the privilege to drive within Bradford’s city boundaries – but where exactly is it in place, who needs to pay, and how much does it cost? Let Scrap Car Comparison take you through everything you need to know.

Where is the CAZ in place?

The vast majority of the Clean Air Zone is identified by the ring road encircling Bradford city, while also extending north via the Aire Valley corridor (from St Mary’s Road/North Park Road across to Canal Road) to the River Aire. This extension means that both Saltaire and Shipley are included in the charging zone, with the northern boundaries extending further east and west to fully encompass these areas.

For a full breakdown of the areas covered in the CAZ, “Breathe Better Bradford” has created an incredibly handy interactive map for users to explore.

What vehicles are covered in the CAZ?

Bradford’s CAZ has been approved as a Class C scheme (more on CAZ scheme types here), meaning that private vehicles (cars and motorcycles) are not required to pay the daily charge. However, any other type of vehicle that is non-compliant must pay the daily CAZ charge. These vehicles are as follows:

Vehicle Type

Compliance Requirement

Private Cars N/A
Private Hire Minibus (5-8 seats) Diesel – Euro 6
Petrol – Euro 4
LPG – Euro 4
Private Hire Vehicle (with wheelchair access) Diesel – Euro 6
Petrol – Euro 4
LPG – Euro 4
Private Hire Vehicle (without wheelchair access) Petrol Hybrid – Euro 5/6
LPG – Euro 5
Hackney Carriage Diesel – Euro 6
Petrol – Euro 4
LPG – Euro 4
LGVs Diesel – Euro 6
Petrol – Euro 4
LPG – Euro 4
Minibuses Diesel – Euro 6
Petrol – Euro 4
LPG – Euro 4
Coaches Diesel – minimum Euro 6
Buses Diesel – minimum Euro 6 including alternative fuels
HGVs Diesel – minimum Euro 6 including alternative fuels

GOV.UK offers a service where you can check if charges apply to your vehicle, although this service is only available for vehicles registered in the UK. Charges will still apply to vehicles registered outside of the UK.

For a breakdown of what each class of CAZ means, we’ve put together a handy guide, breaking down what qualifies for each type of scheme.

How much will I pay?

The amount you will pay for your trip into the city will depend on what it is you are driving, and, generally speaking, the larger the vehicle, the more you’ll pay. As above, due to the scheme being a Class C CAZ, there are no charges for private cars. We have put all the details below into a simple to read table, showing who has to pay how much.

Types of non-compliant vehicle

Daily Charge

Private Hire vehicles & Hackney Carriages £7
LGVs & Minibuses £9
Coaches, buses & HGVs £50

Can I get a grant to get a compliant vehicle?

A number of grants have been made available by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, although the window for grants pertaining to HGVs and buses has now closed. There are still funds available for taxis, LGVs and minibuses, and these are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Grants are available to small and medium sized enterprises (SME), Sole Traders/self employed, education establishments and charities, providing they are located within Bradford’s Metropolitan District. Any business employing more than 250 people will not be eligible for a grant, and funds cannot be made retrospectively. 

Minibus and LGV owners can apply for a grant of up to £4,500 to either upgrade their existing vehicle or go towards the running costs of an EV. Hackney Carriage operators, along with Private Hire vehicles with wheelchair access, can apply for either a £5,000 contribution to an upgrade, or £10,000 in running costs for EVs. Finally, private hire vehicles & minibuses can apply for a £3,200 contribution to an upgrade or £6,000 towards running costs of an EV. Running cost payments will be paid in two instalments. 

For more information and to apply for a grant, visit the breathe better Bradford website.

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