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Why is Your Car Making a Clicking Noise?

Noises coming from your car can always be slightly unnerving, especially if it’s a new sound and one that doesn’t seem quite right. You should always keep your eyes and ears open when driving along so if any problems do arise, you’re able to catch them early and before any minor issues can manifest into larger, more expensive, fixes. Thankfully, clicking sounds are fairly easy to hear and locate, and if you’re trying to decipher where your clicks are coming from, read on.

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Car making clicking noise when driving

A clicking sound when you’re driving along can be incredibly off-putting and concerning, and on top of that it could be one of a few different issues, so it may take some detective work to figure out where the click is coming from. The first thing you should do is double check to make sure your fluid levels, namely the engine oil, are where you want it to be. You could find the clicking is a result of either low levels of engine oil or even dirty oil, so it may be worth getting your oil changed, if you haven’t recently done so.

If the clicking sound is at a rapid pace, then it could be that you’ve got a faulty battery or alternator, which effectively means that ticking sound is a countdown to your car giving up altogether. A faulty alternator means your battery won’t be charging as you go along, and if your battery runs out of juice, you won’t be going very far very quickly at all.

If the clicking is happening at low speeds, however, you may find that it’s down to your brake pads being loose or worn too much, meaning they will not be working at their best. If you suspect you have brake problems, this needs sorting as soon as possible, as you could be putting both yourself and other drivers in danger.

Car is making a clicking noise but won’t start

Sometimes you can find a clicking sound before your car has even managed to get going, which can be alarming in itself. This tends to suggest a faulty starter motor, and hopefully with a quick trip to the garage (with assistance if need be), this should be easily rectified. What you don’t want to hear, however, is one solitary click. If you turn the key and you hear a single click, then your engine may be locked up or frozen, and there’s no two ways to put it, it’s going to be a very expensive fix.

Car is making a clicking noise after being turned off

On the other side of the coin, if you hear a clicking sound coming from your engine bay after you’ve turned your car off, then you have very little to worry about at all. This is simply the sound of the engine cooling down and is a perfectly normal occurrence.

Car makes a clicking noise when braking

If you notice a clicking sound as you press the brake pedal, then this, unsurprisingly, suggests an issue within your braking system. The most common reason is that your brake pads need replacing, and it is a symptom that you absolutely must not ignore, not least because of the lack of stopping ability but also because the longer you leave it, the more damage will occur. You could also find that the clicking is coming from loose components which are in turn damaging the brake pads, and so the cycle continues.

Car makes a clicking noise when turning

A clicking noise that is most prominent when you’re navigating a corner is most likely to be the result of a faulty or broken constant velocity (CV) axle. The role of a CV axle is to allow the transmission to drive the car’s wheels, opening a range of motion with bearings. It is most likely that the clicking is coming from a torn shaft boot on one of these axles. A broken shaft boot causes grease to leak, and without adequate lubrication the dry components will click together when they make contact.

Keep your ears open for this type of noise as, as is often the case, if you catch it early it’ll be a much cheaper fix. Leaving it too long could result in the entire CV axle needing replacing.

Clicking noise from your car steering wheel

If the clicking noise is coming from your steering wheel, then while this could be a result of the CV axle like above, it could also be a sign of low power steering fluid. Getting a mechanic to check everything over will put your mind at ease and will be able to decipher which problem you are suffering from.

Clicking noise from your car’s fuse box

Hearing a rapid clicking noise from the fuse box? This is likely a relay turning on and off again, indicating either a computer failure, resistance in the ground wire or high levels of resistance in the power supply to the control side. Sound a bit complex? Well, that’s because electrics are, and unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to take it to an expert to fix.

Car AC making a clicking noise

A light clicking sound is perfectly normal when you turn on your air conditioning, however if the clicking is loud and rapid then it could indicate issues within the AC system. You’ll either have a foreign matter interfering with the blower motor, or there could be a worn out compressor clutch. While non-working air conditioning isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of driving, if you’re looking to sell any time soon, or the summer sun is on the horizon, it may be best to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

Car battery making a clicking noise

Clicking coming from your battery can be quite alarming, but chances are there’s only two places causing the sound. You’ve either got a flat battery, and that will need replacing, or your alternator isn’t working properly. A faulty alternator will eventually lead to a flat battery, as it means the battery will not be charging as the engine is running. An alternative reason could be that the starter doesn’t have enough residual energy in it to keep running.

If your car’s clicking is driving you up the wall and you can’t get to the bottom of it, or you know the problem but don’t have the time, money or expertise to fix it yourself, then why not swap that troublesome car for a nice lump sum instead? By using Scrap Car Comparison, you’re guaranteed to get the very best price for your car or van, no matter where you are or what condition it’s in, and we’ll even come and collect it from you for free. Get started today by either calling our offices or using the online instant quote generator and see just how much your vehicle could be worth.

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