Why Do the Same Vehicles Get Different Scrap Quotes?

Did you know that two of the same make and model of a car won’t necessarily net you the same amount of money when you’re selling for scrap? There’s a range of different criteria that dictate how much you could receive when you get a quote for scrapping your vehicle. Each of which is unique to each car, van  or motorcycle. Here’s a list of some of the main considerations that could affect the quote two very similar vehicles could receive.


This is the key to deciding how much your car will be worth for scrap. Once the car has been stripped of working parts, it will be crushed and the metal will be recycled and used again. The scrap metal from it is valued per tonne, so the heavier that weight, the more your vehicle will be worth. There can also be slight variations in weight depending on which engine is in the vehicle, so a larger engine will typically weigh more.


Sometimes you may be offered a small amount more if your vehicle has a full set of alloy wheels fitted, however this is becoming less common than it used to be due to more and more vehicles being equipped with alloy wheels as standard.

Make and Model:

Some brands of vehicle are simply worth more for scrap. Generally, those that weigh more and cost more to both purchase and run will see that reflected in their prices.


Even if it can’t be driven, you should still be able to secure a price for your vehicle. However, if it’s missing parts it will naturally weigh less and be worth a little less, as the scrapyards tend to strip these for resale or recycling. Removing elements such as the battery, radio or catalytic converter will detract from the price you can get. While the condition of interior features such as the seats is less likely to have an impact, if there’s major denting to the bodywork or there’s no engine, then your car simply won’t be worth as much. Also, if the collector is physically unable to roll the vehicle either for towing or onto the back of the truck, then this could impact the price as it will be more difficult for them to pick up.


Scrap prices are ultimately based on weight. However, newer vehicles tend to weigh more, so naturally they would be worth more than older vehicles. Bear in mind this isn’t always the case, but age can be a factor in determining the value, and ultimately the quotes you’ll receive.  


While our network of scrap dealers is widespread, and generally able to collect vehicles from anywhere in the country, it’s important that the car, van or motorcycle is accessible for the tow truck. If your scrap vehicle is tucked in an awkward or unreachable space, then they may need very specific equipment to reach and remove it. This will come at a higher cost for the dealer, which will be reflected in the quote you’ll receive.

So, you and a friend may both be scrapping the same make and model of car, but perhaps one is more damaged, has a full set of alloy wheels or is harder for the pick-up vehicle to access. Then you’ll be receiving a different quote.

The bonus is that if you compare scrap prices with us here at Scrap Car Comparison, we’ll check supply quotes from our huge network of trusted dealers – there’s over 100 of them across the UK. This means wherever you’re located and whatever the condition and type of vehicle you’re scrapping, we’ll be able to get you the absolute best quote possible. Getting started on scrapping your car today.

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