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We’re Supporting The Brain Charity this June!

Scrap Car Comparison is proud to support The Brain Charity as our featured charity for the rest of June, helping people with all forms of neurological conditions to lead longer, healthier, happy lives.

The Brain Charity is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, having been founded in Liverpool out of recognition that there was no support for patients with neurological conditions in the community once they left The Walton Centre, a specialist neurological hospital serving the North West of England. Over the past 30 years, The Brain Charity has grown to over 50 members of staff and 80 volunteers, with over half of the full time staff and 60% of volunteers all having lived experience of neurological conditions. Each year, the charity helps thousands of people from across the UK.

Neurological conditions are any that affect the brain, spine or nervous system, and there are over 600 of these, some of the most well known including stroke, dementia, cluster headaches and ADHD. However, there are many more conditions that are lesser known, but still can cause great distress, such as Huntington’s Disease or Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

Some of these conditions, such as brain injuries, can be brought about suddenly, whereas some you are born with, such as epilepsy. Alternatively, you could develop a condition over time, with conditions such as multiple sclerosis being a prime example. The Brain Charity provides support for each and every one of these conditions, and is the only charity in the UK to do so. This includes the provision of practical help, emotional support and social activities to thousands of patients across the country, and The Brain Charity will support anyone in the UK with a neurological condition.

You can help The Brain Charity continue to grant these wishes by choosing to donate through our Donate-A-Car scheme. When selling your car with Scrap Car Comparison you can choose to donate some – or even every single penny – of the profits to our featured charity. We’ve worked with some of the biggest charities in the country and raised thousands of pounds towards important work across a huge spectrum of causes. For further information on how this scheme works, we’ve put together a handy FAQ document, which can be found here.

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