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Scrap Car Santa: Donate Your Used Toy Cars To Those In Need This Christmas

We’re well-versed in scrapping human-size vehicles up and down the country every single day – from tiny Minis to towering Range Rovers. However, this Christmas, we want to try our hand at helping to recycle vehicles of a much smaller size…

Introducing our ‘Scrap Car Santa’ scheme, which encourages parents of children who own toy cars to donate their outgrown toy vehicles this festive season to The TOY Project, who will recycle and re-gift the toys to disadvantaged families, schools and nurseries in the UK and beyond. 

The TOY Project recycles thousands of unwanted toys each year, and raises money to provide toys to children, families, and hospitals and schools in need.

The Scrap Car Santa scheme ended in December 2022, but to find out how you could donate to a great cause with your car, learn about our Donate a Car Scheme.

Our Managing Director, Dan Gick comments:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with The TOY Project this festive season to help give pre-loved toy cars a new lease of life. We’re well-versed in recycling grown-ups’ cars – but outgrown toy vehicles need recycling too, so we’re over the moon to be working in partnership with The TOY Project, to help us find loving new homes for the nation’s unused toy cars. 

The work The TOY Project does is so important in supporting vulnerable children up and down the country, and so we hope that our Scrap Car Santa scheme will help to bring some joy to those in need this Christmas.”

The TOY Project Named Our Charity Of The Month In December

Shopfront of The Toy Project

In addition to encouraging customers to donate their unused toy vehicles to the Scrap Car Santa scheme, we will also be supporting the work of The TOY Project by raising funds for the charity throughout the month of December. 

Any customer scrapping a real (and not toy) car will be given the choice to donate a portion, or all of the profits from their old, damaged or unwanted vehicle to the charity. Previously, our fund-raising work has raised tens of thousands for charities including the British Heart Foundation and NHS Charities Together, and we hope it’ll do the same for The TOY Project.

Jane Garfield, Director at The TOY Project comments:

“We’re grateful to all the children and parents who have donated their much loved toy cars for other children to enjoy. Toys are important to children for many reasons. The opportunities toys can create for development and enjoyment are unlimited. In recycling your unwanted cars we will ensure that these opportunities are accessible for all children.

Toy cars, especially remote control cars, are often a favourite, so we’re extremely grateful to have the support of Scrap Car Comparison. They’re the experts in all things recycled cars, and can help us gather and recycle as many pre-loved toy cars as possible this Christmas!”

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