Non-Fungible Motors: Get Your Motor Made Into An NFT and Let Your Car Live Forever Online

We know that scrapping your car can be an emotional process, having witnessed many people saying teary farewells to the beloved vehicles which have served them for years at the scrap yard. For a long time now, elements of scrapped cars have been recycled and repurposed to create sentimental mementos for vehicle-loving owners to keep of their scrapped cars – from artwork to jewellery.

But what if you could create something which commemorates your vehicle, and means you could own your car in the virtual world for eternity? Well, thanks to the latest technology, the creation of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allows people to do just that – and we want to offer car owners the opportunity to have their beloved motors designed as an NFT to have ownership of forever (or until they decide to sell it on!).

So, what even is an NFT?

NFTs (which stands for ‘non-fungible tokens’) are digital assets which link ownership to unique physical or digital items, ranging from things such as digital artwork or music, to non-online assets such as property or real-life collectibles.

NFTs can be bought, sold and traded online, and purchasing an NFT will give you the digital proof of ownership of an item, which is securely recorded on a blockchain (the same technology behind cryptocurrencies). Using this technology helps keep your NFT secure, and ensures the item is one of a kind. Sales of NFTs reached over $25 billion in 2021, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst the everyday consumer. In a motoring sense, its getting the virtual ownership deeds to your car, as well as the physical!

Non-Fungible Motors

To bring to life the type of thing you could be getting your (virtual) hands on, we’ve worked with NFT artist Amy Kilner, who has created two bespoke designs inspired by two of the UK’s most driven (and scrapped) car models.

To test interest in this service, we’re giving one lucky applicant the chance to have their car resurrected online, with even the tiniest of features being able to be replicated in the design. From that pesky little scratch that you never got round to painting over, to the missing hubcap you never managed to get replaced – you’ll be able to get your former vehicle in all its glory, perfectly preserved on the blockchain.

There’s no limit to the personalisation you’re able to add to this unique memento, with some opting for paintwork or stickers, and others including their favourite air freshener in the asset. The number plate of the digital vehicle will also be a defining factor in replicating your beloved car – or maybe you’d like to recreate that personalised number plate that’s too expensive to buy in real life! 

Turn your car into an NFT

So, what are you waiting for? If you fancy owning a unique digital version of your motor, you can apply for the opportunity to have your car turned into an NFT via the registration form below.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Applications to have your motor designed as an NFT will close at 23:59 BST Sunday 12th 2022.
  2. Exact design and timescales to receive the NFT of your car will be decided with Scrap Car Comparison and the artist, Amy Kilner.
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