Petrol Head Proposal Rings

The Ultimate Petrolhead Proposal: You Can Now Get An Engagement Ring Inspired By Your Partner’s Favourite Car

Is your other-half as obsessed with motors as they are with you? Want to find a way to make your proposal to your petrol-head partner extra special? Well, no look further, as we have just introduced our bespoke, limited edition range of motor-inspired engagement rings.

We’ve launched a brand new service which will enable car lovers all around the world to order an engagement ring designed to look like the motor closest to your partner’s heart.

Whether your wife or husband to-be have had to say goodbye or scrap their vehicle, or they just have a soft spot for a particular car model, our new service aims to pair romance with a ring reminiscent of the revving of your favourite engine.

For years, materials from the catalytic converters found in scrapped car exhausts have been recycled and used in standard wedding and engagement rings, however our new service aims to take things one step further, with bespoke designs mirroring the aesthetics of any motor.

To bring the rings to life, we’ve partnered with Edward Fleming, engagement jeweler with over 15 years experience, who will work with customers to create a ring which really shows just how much you love your partner – and their love of cars.

Those interested in ordering one of our motoring-themed engagement rings can gain a bespoke ring inspired by any car of their choosing, however to show what the possibilities of our new service are, we’ve used some popular car models to illustrate what your ring could look like…

Mini Cooper

Inspired by the iconic Mini Cooper, this gorgeous ring will make the perfect proposal gift for the Mini lovers out there.

With exquisite red, white and blue stones and union jack flag engravings around the band, the diamond setting for this ring is based on the much-loved Minilight alloy wheel design. Like the cars the rings are based upon, each order will be available with additional extras, such as personalised number plate engravings on the inner-band of the ring, for that extra special touch.

Mini Cooper wedding ring

Lamborghini Huracan

Want an engagement ring that will get people talking? Much like the vehicle this ring is based on, this design – inspired by the Lamborghini Huracan – is sure to be the envy of all who lay eyes on it.

Available in both striking yellow and gleaming white, the central diamond in this ring is held in the distinctive Huracan Exhaust tip design, and is surrounded by carbon fiber hexagonal detailing. Based on the ultra-quick and powerful Lamborghini model, the band of this ring is created with sharp angular creased edges, ideal for the supercar lover in your life.

Lamborghini Huracan wedding ring

Ford Fiesta

The royal blue band which curves around the finger, is set with gleaming diamonds which are based on the 2021 Ford Fiesta headlights – the perfect proposal gift for any Ford fanatics out there. As one of the world’s most popular car models, this Ford Fiesta inspired ring is sure to get hearts racing.

Ford Fiesta wedding ring

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  1. The limited-edition range of custom rings will only be available to purchase until 5th November 2021.
  2. Exact design and timescales required to create the ring will be decided with jeweller Edward Fleming.
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