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Is it illegal to drive in wellies or work boots?

As the miserable weather of winter takes hold, the chances of people getting behind the wheel in mud-caked wellies or work boots grows, but just how safe is this? And not only is the safety questionable, but how about the legality? Read on, as Scrap Car Comparison has gone through the small print so you don’t have to.

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Can I drive a car wearing wellies?

It’s an urban myth that driving in wellies is illegal. Although, while there are no rules that specifically ban wellies, it’s worth making a note of Rule 97 of the Highway Code. This rule states that you should “ensure clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner”. If you’re driving in wellington boots caked in mud, chances are you’re not going to be able to use the pedals exactly as you’d like.

Can you drive in work boots?

Again, it’s not illegal to drive in work boots, or any footwear for that matter, but it’s probably not advisable. Work boots are known to have a sturdy sole, and while this is great at keeping your feet comfortable throughout hours of manual labour, they’re not going to provide much information when it comes to feeling your pedals. Driving requires a lot to be gleaned through your feet, whether it’s the feel of the clutch’s bite point in a manual, or knowing how hard you’re pressing the brake pedal, and a thick sole will not help with this. 

Is there a limit to the size of shoes while driving?

There are no limits to the size of footwear you choose to wear when behind the wheel – you could even lose the shoes entirely if you really wanted to, providing you are able to safely be in control of your vehicle at all times (although driving barefoot does draw up its own headaches).

What happens if I’m found to be wearing wellies behind the wheel?

If you’re pulled over due to questionable driving and the police notice you’re wearing wellies, then they could claim that they were the cause for your erratic nature and slap you with a penalty for driving without due care and attention. At best this would be a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice, at worst this could be a £5,000 fine and nine points on your licence.

Am I insured if I drive in heavy boots?

Simply putting your work boots on isn’t going to invalidate your policy, but if you’re caught up in an incident and it transpires that you were wearing potentially unsuitable footwear, your insurers could use that as a reason not to pay out. To avoid any such issue, it may be best to have a pair of easy access trainers in your car – perhaps in the passenger footwell – that you can slip on before you set off. It may be tempting to drive barefoot, but your insurers may take the same opinion as they would if you were wearing thick soled work shoes.

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