Water drops on car paint. Hydrophobic water effect on car body after using ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating: What is it and what does it do?

Ever see a car in a car park and get paint envy? Why is it that car looks so shiny and impressive compared to your dull old hatchback with the peeling paint and visible corrosion? Chances are it has been through a ceramic coating, helping it stand out from the crowd. But what does this mean, and why should you consider it?

If your car is showing more rust than paint then ceramic coating may not be the right call for you, whereas Scrap Car Comparison is. We’ll find the very best price for your car and we’ll even come and get it. Better yet, as we only deal with certified buyers, you can be safe in the knowledge your car will be recycled in line with all legal requirements. 

Ceramic coating being applied to a blue car

What is ceramic car coating?

Ceramic coating is a professional grade chemical polymer added to the exterior of a car to protect the paintwork from damage. The polymer blends with your car’s paint, creating a new layer and leaving your factory paint job untouched.

What does ceramic car coating do?

By blending with your paint, ceramic coating creates a strong protective surface for your car’s exterior panels meaning you’re safe from stone chips or any other foreign bodies that may fly in your direction while out on the road.

What are the benefits of using a ceramic coating on your car?

One of the major ceramic coating benefits is, of course, the added layer of protection. Not only does ceramic coating protect you from physical damage, but also that caused by the Sun’s UV rays. The ceramic coating stops the oxidation process, which can dull a car’s paint job, meaning it is often a good choice for those who regularly park their car outside in the sunlight.

The ceramic coating is also hydrophobic, which means it repels water, making cleaning actually easier. Any water-based grime will easily slide off over time and a quick jetwash and snow foam should get it looking good with minimal fuss.  

Can you apply wax over ceramic car coating?

Waxing a car with ceramic coating is recommended, particularly those featuring carnauba wax or synthetic shine polymers, as it can actually improve the coating and extend its life. However, steer clear of any polish as this can strip the coating from your car. This is because polishing is, in essence, a very gentle sanding of your car to remove any blemishes, meaning you’ll just be sanding away all the previous work and that instant coating will be gone in an instant itself.

How long does ceramic coating last on a car?

A ceramic coating will, on average, last between two and five years. On rare occasions you may find some coatings that can last a decade. Of course, this is all relative to how you look after your car in itself. Driving in extreme conditions, using harsh chemicals, polishing or even using the wrong washing technique can all impact your coating’s lifespan in a negative way. 

How do you tell if a car has a ceramic coating?

The first thing to look out for is a shiny car – there’s certainly no dulling of the paintwork here and if you see a car reflecting the light then there’s a chance this has been coated. Next, if it’s been raining then look out for beads of water on the car. Ceramic coating stops the water soaking into paint and instead will bead up and roll off.

What happens when ceramic coating wears off?

As the coating begins to wear off your car, you’ll notice its benefits slowly start to wane. Instead of its usual hydrophobic tendencies, water will begin to soak in instead of bead off and your car will start to look a little duller as opposed to its usual shining self. If you notice this happening and want your car to be restored to its former glory, then it’s time to get a top up.

How do you maintain ceramic coating?

Proper maintenance of ceramic coating can extend its life, getting you more value for your money from your protective layer. Regular washing – with clean water – can remove any potential contaminants that could begin eating into the layer. When washing, make sure to use the double-bucket technique, which means one bucket for washing and the other for rinsing. Finally, if you can, avoid driving in any extreme weather temperatures, either hot or cold.

If a ceramic coating is of little importance to your car, or perhaps the service would cost more than your car is worth, then why not scrap it and get something a little more suited to the shiny paint job. By using Scrap Car Comparison, you can guarantee yourself the very best price, and with collection agents in all corners of the country, we’ll even come and get it direct from your door. Get started today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will let you know just how much your car could be worth.

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