Why Does My Car Pull to One Side?

The purpose of any vehicle is to get its occupants from A to B in one piece, allowing the driver to have total control over where it goes. So why do some cars try to fight against the hands that are on the steering wheel and detour through the whole alphabet along the way? If your car seems to be pulling to one side despite your best efforts to keep it on the straight and narrow, read on to find out why and what you can do about it.

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Why Is My Car Pulling To One Side?

There are a number of reasons why your car might start pulling to one side when you’re driving. Here are the most common sources of the problem:

  • Wheel Alignment (Tracking) – It might sound technical, but in reality, it’s extremely simple. Perhaps the most common reason for a car to pull left or right is wheel misalignment. Simply put, this means that your wheels aren’t pointing in exactly the same direction, with one (or, in rare cases, both) not aiming straight. ‘Tracking’ is another name for wheel alignment. Heavy impacts can cause wheels to become misaligned, like hitting a curb or pothole. Keep an eye out next time you’re on the road and if possible, try to go around the craters that the UK’s roads are famous for.
  • Tyre Pressure – Tyre pressure is incredibly important and every driver should know how to regularly check and maintain the levels that their car is rolling on. If you find that your car isn’t moving straight-as-an-arrow when it should be, make sure that the pressure of all four tyres is equal. If it’s not, the vehicle will gradually pull across the road.
  • Tyre Wear – In a similar fashion to their pressure, uneven wear and tear on tyres can cause any vehicle to pull to one side while driving if each tyre is at a different tread depth level. As every driver knows, you’ll need to check this regularly anyway so, next time you measure your tread depth, make sure all four tyres are wearing down evenly. If they’re not they can be rotated or, if you’ve got a bit of money to spare, they could all be replaced for a brand new set.

Why Does My Car Pull To One Side When Braking?

Squeaky brakes are one thing, but if you slow your car down and realise that it’s forcing you across the road to the left or right, you might have a more serious problem. A car that’s pulling to the left or right when braking could be suffering from calliper problems, with the component on one side only not working to full effectiveness. What this means, for example, is that your brakes are slowing down three of your wheels as they’re, but the fourth isn’t slowing at the same rate. This should be looked into as soon as possible by a professional mechanic.

How To Stop My Car From Pulling To One Side

Now that we’ve explained the possible causes of a car pulling to one side, we’ll talk about how you can stop it – and how to prevent it happening in the future.

  • Check your tyres – Check your tyre pressure and tread regularly, making sure that both are within their optimal ranges. You can check and adjust the pressure of your car at most petrol stations, while car garages, workshops and some high street auto parts stores will stock new tyres.
  • Get your tracking realigned – Not a job that the average driver can do themselves at home, but if your car has had its wheels knocked out of alignment, a professional technician will be able to adjust it and get you back inline again.
  • Pay attention to the road surface – There’s a lot to look out for when you’re driving, but large potholes are usually fairly noticeable. Try your best to avoid them, or…
  • Slow down on poor road surfaces – If you must go through a pothole or up a curb, do it slowly and safely. The force of the impact will be far less severe at reduced speeds.
  • Service it – If you really want to keep on top of this and any other problems that might crop up, get your car serviced regularly.

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