Can I Report A Vehicle For Driving Dangerously?

The road can be a dangerous place. Hundreds of people lose their lives each year, and while sometimes it can be the result of an unfortunate accident, often it’s down to someone driving recklessly and not abiding by the laws that are put in place to keep drivers safe. What can you do if you see someone driving dangerously? Can you report them? Find out below…

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Can I Report Someone For Dangerous Driving?

Yes, if you see someone driving dangerously, you can indeed report them to the police. This can be done by calling 999 if their driving is so dangerous you consider it to be an emergency – but remember, don’t become a hazard yourself while concentrating on the phone call and the behaviour of the other driver. You’ll need to pull over and call while parked.

If you think it’s more appropriate to report the driver after the incident has occurred, you can submit a witness report online. A similar alternative is to instead call 101, the non-emergency police line, and submit the report with them. This way, the incident will be looked into, but you won’t have a police car flying past you in hot pursuit of the perpetrator.

Dash cam footage can be incredibly helpful in any case, with thousands of drivers now prepping their vehicle to actively record their journey before they set off. This video evidence could work wonders when trying to prove that someone was being a menace on the roads.

What Is The Definition Of Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous driving occurs when a person’s standard of driving falls below that of someone considered competent behind the wheel. Often, dangerous driving will also endanger either the driver themselves, other road users, or pedestrians.

What Do I Need To Report Someone?

All you’ll really need, in this modern age, is a mobile phone, preferably with an internet connection. You can report a bad driver by calling the police, on either 999 or 101, or by submitting a report online.

When you do so, you’ll be asked to give the police some information, not only about yourself, but obviously, also about the vehicle in question; the make & model, the vehicle registration number, the road they’re on, an explanation of how their driving is dangerous. The more information you can give, the better.

Can I Report Someone Anonymously?

Yes, you are within your rights to report someone anonymously. Perhaps you know the person and don’t want the report to be traced back to you? Giving over the details anonymously might make you more likely to report poor driving, which let’s be honest, isn’t a bad thing, no matter who it is.

What Happens Once You’ve Reported A Dangerous Driver?

After you’ve done your duty as a concerned citizen, the police will handle the matter. This will involve checking their records to see if the vehicle/driver has a history of poor driving habits, logging your report for future reference, and also submitting your report to the local police force from where the vehicle is registered. That force will take action if it is deemed necessary.

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