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Can I Drive If My Driving Licence Has Expired?

You might think that once you hit 17 years of age you can get that provisional licence and hit the road, without looking back (except in your mirrors, of course). Unfortunately, that’s not always the case; take a look at your driving licence and you’ll see that it’s got an expiry date on it. What happens when this date passes? Can you keep driving? Let us explain.

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A British driving licence

Can I Still Drive If My Licence Has Expired? 

In a word, no. Your driving licence must be valid for you to be allowed on the road at the wheel of a vehicle, and for it to be valid, it must be in date.

The only workaround for this is to apply for a new licence; in doing so you’ll be covered by a valid licence even before the physical licence card arrives through your letterbox. 

How Often Do I Have To Renew My Driving Licence?

In the UK, your photocard licence must be renewed every 10 years. You will receive a reminder in the weeks before it expires to prepare you for the need to renew.

What To Do If Your Driving Licence Has Expired

If your driving licence has expired, don’t panic. It’s very easy to renew it online. Here’s how:

  • Head to the government website designed for renewing your licence.
  • Get your passport (or the document you used to set up your online immigration account).
  • Be prepared to take a new photo if asked to.
  • Follow the instructions on the government website.
  • Pay the £14 fee for the renewal.
  • Send off your old licence.

Not everyone can apply online. If you don’t have a passport or immigration document, or your name or title has changed, you will have to renew your licence via post. The required forms can be collected from the post office.

Can I Drive While I’m Waiting For My New Licence To Arrive?

In most cases, the answer will be yes. You can continue driving vehicles of the same class without worry. To be clear, that means you can’t go from driving your little Toyota Aygo to jumping in the cab of a Scania lorry…

The exceptions here are if you’re awaiting medical clearance for your newly renewed licence, or if you’ve been disqualified from driving and are just now reapplying. In either case, your application isn’t just a formality; it’s likely that the authorities are actually considering whether or not you’re safe to be allowed back on the road.

What Happens If I’m Caught Driving With An Expired Licence?

If you’re carrying around your expired photocard licence, but you’ve applied for a new one, you should be fine – you might be asked to present your new licence to the police once it arrives, but you’re not going to suffer the same punishment as someone who is genuinely driving around without a valid licence.

Those drivers will face significant consequences if they’re found out, including fines, penalty points and quite possibly even a total driving ban.

Am I Still Insured If My Licence Has Expired?

Once again, if you’ve applied for a new licence, then yes, you’re covered by your insurance. However, if you haven’t reapplied for a new licence, the answer is no. You simply can’t get car insurance without a valid driving licence.

Do The DVLA Tell You When Your Driving Licence Expires?

Life can be hectic and it’s easy to forget about important things, especially when they only occur once a decade! The date of your expiry is printed on the licence itself, but around the time that your renewal is due, you will be contacted by the DVLA. They will inform you of the impending expiry of your driving licence and advise that you begin the renewal process.

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