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Having your vehicle written off is never a fun experience and no matter what category your car or van has been slotted into, it can feel like your options are falling apart around you. Here at Scrap Car Comparison, we can help you find you a buyer for your damaged motor, using our network of trusted buyers and making sure that you get only the very best offer for your vehicle.

FAQ IconWhat Does Cat S Mean?

A Category S vehicle is one that has been subjected to structural bodywork damage but is able to return to the road after the required repair work has been carried out. This can include problems such as a crushed chassis or a twisted a-post (or b-post).

Category S replaced Category C in 2017 when insurance write-off categories were rejigged to make things clearer for motorists.

While a Category S car or van is deemed repairable, it will be considered unsafe until it has been repaired by a professional, so you can’t try and fix the issue yourself. Chances are the work will be so advanced that even the best amateur mechanic would struggle.

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Money in Hand IconCan I Buy Back My Cat S Car or Van?

As the definition states, a Category S vehicle is repairable and, after you have agreed a figure with your insurers, you can buy back the car or van and have it repaired, ready to go back on the road. It’s worth noting, however, that if you do intend to get the car back to be driven, you will need to ensure it is repaired professionally and cannot carry the repairs out yourself. You will also need to re-register the car with the DVLA before you go any further.

Car write-off categories explainedCar Insurance for Cat S Vehicles

Insuring a category S vehicle should be no different than that of a ‘normal’ car, and most insurers don’t ask about the repair history when they take out cover. However, if you make a claim at a later date, they are likely to ensure that any history the car has wasn’t a factor in the incident in question. While some companies might run your vehicle’s registration against a database of written-off cars or vans when you take the policy out, as long as it has a current and valid MOT certificate, it shouldn’t cause any problems for you.

Money IconSelling Your Category S Vehicle

Selling a category S car or van can feel like a task with very limited options. Despite this incredibly niche market there are potential buyers out there, it’s just a case of tracking them down and making an offer worth their consideration. Working with a nationwide network of salvage and specialist buyers, Scrap Car Comparison can secure you a quote to sell your Cat S vehicle in as little as 30 seconds. Find out what your write-off could be worth today.

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If you would like to receive an instant no-obligation quote for your vehicle simply add your details to our online quote form and we’ll compare prices from our nationwide network of dedicated buyers to find you the best price! Alternatively you can call one of or advisors on 03333 44 99 50.

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