Which Cars Have A Road Tax Exemption?

Road tax is one of the many fees that drivers have to pay in order to remain legally on the road. Different vehicles are more expensive to tax than others, but some – a growing number, in fact – are totally free from paid road tax. Which ones? Read on to find out.

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What Type Of Cars Are Exempt From Road Tax?

The list of vehicles that are exempt from road tax requirements is actually quite extensive, but some of the categories on the list are incredibly niche. Check out the list below, with additional info where required, as explained on the government’s own website:

  • Vehicles used by a disabled person
  • Disabled passenger vehicles (excluding ambulances)
  • Historic vehicles (made before 1984)
  • Mobility wheelchairs & powered wheelchairs
    • With a maximum speed of 8mph & limited to 4mph on footways
  • Electric vehicles (but not hybrids)
  • Mowing machines
  • Steam-powered vehicles
  • Vehicles used for agriculture, horticulture & forestry
    • Including tractors, agricultural engines, light agricultural vehicles used off-road & limited-use vehicles
  • SORNed vehicles

Why Are Certain Cars Exempt From Road Tax?

Electric cars are exempt from road tax because they don’t emit any harmful emissions. The other vehicles listed above are exempt mostly in the interest of fairness – for example, a disabled person may not have any other option but to drive a larger vehicle – or because the vehicles were produced well before the current legislation was even relevant. Others, like mowing machines, simply might not be considered a ‘proper’ vehicle that’s designed for long-term use on the road.

How Can I Check If My Car Is Tax Exempt?

You can check if your vehicle is tax exempt by deciding whether it fits into one of the above categories, or by applying to tax your car online. If you do the latter and are presented with a big fat zero on your screen where the cost is listed, then you’re in luck; your car is tax free!

Do I Have To Tax My Car If It’s Exempt From Road Tax?

You’ve checked your car’s tax price and it’s free! Great news!

But wait! That doesn’t mean you can just close your browser and go about your day… even if your car tax is free, you MUST still tax the vehicle! If you don’t, one of the many issues you’ll have is being unable to get insurance! Don’t get caught out – apply for tax, regardless of the (lack of) cost.

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