What Should I Do With My Old Number Plate?

Has your old car made its last journey? Whether it’s been involved in an accident, finally succumbed to years of wear and tear or simply spent too long in your possession and you fancy cashing in quickly, your best option will most likely be to sell it with Scrap Car Comparison.

It’s possible, though, that bits of it might still be in a good enough condition to reuse. Scrap Car Comparison can help you here too, stripping the vehicle for salvageable parts and paying you more than you’d get if the car or van was outright scrapped. But what about the number plate? That’s unique to your vehicle, meaning it can’t be reused on another, so what could be done with it that’s a bit more creative than throwing it into the crusher?

As we mentioned above, Scrap Car Comparison can get your car sold by assessing the prices offered by scrap and salvage dealers from around your local area. We do the searching and will quote you the best price that we can find and better still, we’ll even arrange for the vehicle to be collected from you at no extra cost. It’s a hassle-free experience that can present you with some serious cash from your old, unwanted car! Get a quote today!

Can I Sell My Old Number Plate?

Under some circumstances, you can indeed sell your old number plate. If it’s a ‘public’ plate, then you are unable to do so, but if you’ve acquired a private plate that was proudly displayed on your car, then you can sell it.

There are many online auction houses that provide this service and even social media groups that are dedicated to advertising and giving an opinionated valuation of each plate. So, if you’ve got a private plate but you no longer have a car to put it on, you might wish to sell it and make some money back on it.

But what if you don’t have a private plate and can’t, or don’t want to part with it?

How To Display An Old Number Plate As Decoration

If you or someone you know is a bit of a petrolhead, you might want to keep the number plate as a souvenir of the time you and your car spent together. Perhaps it was your first car, or your favourite car that was written off through no fault of your own, or maybe it was a family heirloom that could go on no longer? Whatever the reason that this vehicle holds significance for you, here’s how you can display the registration plate to constantly remind you of the happy times.

  • Frame It: Get yourself a heavy-duty, thick frame and stick it in. Want to go all out? Why not get an artistic portrait of your old car printed to go in the frame behind it?
  • Hang It: Purchase a decorative number plate holder or, if you’re not too sentimental, drill some holes into each end of the frame and thread through some rope or wire and hang it directly on the wall, minus a frame.
  • Shelve It: Now, you could just throw it on a shelf and be done with it, but that’s not innovative enough for us. Why not turn your set of plates into a shelf? Sure, they might not be perfectly flat but a thin sheet of hard plastic or glass could act as a protective surface and level it out. Then your plates can act as the bottom panel of a shelf that could hold other motoring memorabilia!

How To Turn Your Old Number Plate Into Fashion Accessories

Okay, so perhaps this section is a bit tongue-in-cheek and maybe you shouldn’t actually do any of these things, but if you’re such a big fan of your car that you want to carry a piece of it around with you all day, here’s what you can do.

  • Channel Your Inner Flava Flav: Anyone remember Flava Flav, the rapper who used to wear actual clocks on a chain around his neck? It would be a bold fashion statement, but why not attach a chain to your number plate and let it dangle proudly across your chest?
  • Get It Tattooed: Fan of body modifications and decorative ink? People get their other half’s name tattooed on their body all the time – a true petrolhead would have their own take on this trend.
  • The Ladies Day Special: Got a car-loving woman in your life? Take her for a day at the races wearing a custom-made, vehicle-inspired fascinator featuring her vehicle’s old number plate that’s sure to turn heads… most likely her own, under the excessive weight.

When all is said and done, the number plate is nothing more than a slab of thin metal. If you want to keep it for posterity, go ahead, but if not, leave it on your car and Scrap Car Comparison will deal with it just like the rest of the vehicle. We’ll find you the scrap dealer in your local area that’s offering you the most cash for your car and, once you’ve accepted an offer, we’ll even arrange for the vehicle to be collected at no extra charge. If you’d like to find out how much your car could be worth as scrap or salvage, use our scrap value calculator and get a quote today.

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