We’re Supporting Frontline this September

Over 700,000 children in England rely on the support of social workers each year. These children are affected by the challenges their parents experience — for example, poverty, domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental ill health – with some suffering from neglect or abuse as a result. Children growing up in these circumstances are more likely to struggle with social, emotional and mental health difficulties, and do significantly worse than their peers at all stages of education. They may also be more vulnerable to being drawn into child sexual exploitation, drug misuse, knife crime and county lines; all of which place them at significant risk.

These children need and deserve the support of social workers who can empower them to achieve their full potential and help to break the cycle of trauma and disadvantage. Whether helping to make those they support physically and emotionally safer, or forming healing and trusting relationships, the work social workers do is life changing. But unfortunately, the social work system does not always empower social workers to do their best work, nor give them the freedom to make the best choices for children and families. And that’s where Frontline comes in – we know that great social work has the power to change lives for the better. As a social work charity, we work to create social change for children and their families, bringing new social workers into the profession, and training and supporting those already in the sector to develop innovative approaches to helping these children and families.

“What might seem like “little victories” to us can often have great significance for young people. Once, I persuaded one hard-pressed Mum to shift her cleaning work from one part of London to another – and helped her in the research and negotiation involved in that. This massively reduced the caring responsibilities that her older teenage daughter carried for her pre-school brother because of the saved travelling time. Weeks after we closed that case she texted me to say that was the change that allowed her to get to the art college and programme that she’d always wished for” Paul, social worker

The effects of the pandemic have sadly increased the number of families needing help and support, and the need for excellent social work is greater than ever. By donating some or all of the profits of your scrap vehicle when you use Scrap Car Comparison this month, you will be helping to ensure that the most vulnerable children in society are not stuck in a cycle of disadvantage, and are instead supported to reach their full potential.

You can donate some, or all the profit of your scrap car or van to the Frontline this September. Get started today 03333 44 99 50 or get your free, no-obligation quote to see how much your vehicle is worth. Want to find out more? Read our FAQs on donating.

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