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We’re Supporting Brake this July

If you have an old, unwanted or damaged car you’re looking to dispose of, you can scrap your car with Scrap Car Comparison and donate some, or all of the profits to Brake, the road safety charity. Read about the vital work they do and how you and your vehicle can support Brake.

Every day in the UK 5 people are killed on our roads, and more than 60 people are seriously injured, and each death and serious injury leaves behind a family in mourning and a community devastated. Brake works to stop these entirely avoidable tragedies, whilst continuing to support people left bereaved and injured.

Brake’s vision is a world that has zero road deaths and injuries, where people can get around in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and fair.

Every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world is killed in a road crash, and Brake works to stop road deaths and injuries through its safer roads campaigning; support for those bereaved or injured in road crashes; and raising public awareness for sustainable transport.

Brake support the victims of road crashes

Brake support bereaved and seriously injured people through our accredited Helpline support services, and provision of a suite of acclaimed literature.

The Brake support team understands that every road crash is different, every caller is an individual and each set of circumstances is uniquely painful, and we tailor our support according to individual needs. The Helpline provides information, advocacy, emotional support and a listening ear to support UK residents in the following circumstances:

  • someone who has been bereaved or seriously injured in a crash
  • a carer for someone bereaved or seriously injured in a crash
  • a professional, such as a police officer, teacher or health worker, wanting advice about how to help people affected by a crash

It is imperative that Brake provide such detailed, ongoing and consistent support; in such incredibly traumatic circumstances, and as such are continuing to grow and develop the Helpline service provision year on year.

Brake are also the UK’s Government funded provider of support literature following a death on the road, the guides are used by every police force in the UK. We also work with and train professionals such as police Family Liaison Officers to work compassionately with families bereaved and injured on the road.

Road safety affects everyone.

It affects whether children can go to the park or walk to school, elderly people can get to the shops, people can take up cycling to get to work or get fit, and families feel safe to get around their neighbourhoods. And for some people, it changes everything. Road crashes and casualties end lives too soon, rip families apart, leave communities reeling in shock and victims feeling alone and without hope.
Brake is committed to a vision of a world that has zero road deaths and injuries, where people can get around in ways that are safe, sustainable, healthy and fair.

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