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Top 10 Cars To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Best Vehicle For The Zombie Apocalypse

There are a large number of people in the world who are hoping for a zombie virus or apocalypse of some sort.  Some, who call themselves ‘Preppers’, are already preparing for this by equipping their vehicles with survival gear and so we have taken their idea, literally, and put some thought into what could be classified as the perfect vehicle for this situation. When compiling this list we discounted any rare vehicles, such as Hummers, which would be hard to come across on a daily basis in the UK. Also just in case you are reading this in order to prepare before an apocalypse happens; we have tried to list vehicles that you could buy today with “real world money” for under £5,000 as a realistic budget. Remember any vehicle that runs on fossil fuels may only be of use for a few years at best, depending on if you can find petrol or diesel.

Concerned that your car won’t cut it in a zombie outbreak? Sell it as scrap now and start prepping!

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What We Looked For In An Ideal Apocalyptic Vehicle

  • Height advantage for visibility.
  • Large wheels or tyres for driving over rough terrain.
  • Strong rigid body for ploughing through zombies and other barriers.
  • Four wheel drive for not getting stuck in mud.

Zombie Survival Vehicle #10:

Mercedes-Benz G Wagen, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Mercedes-Benz G Wagen
From £10,500 for a 1984 with 97,500 miles

Pros: This is the nearest thing to a military vehicle that we have in the UK. Indestructible, safe and comfortable. Count yourself lucky if you were able to commandeer one of these.

Cons: One of the rarest and most expensive vehicles on this list. Although this vehicle will probably be reliable, if something does break, we wish you all the best in finding a replacement part.

Average MPG: 17 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #9:

Subaru Impreza WRX, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Subaru Impreza WRX
From £1,850 for a 2003 with 172,000 miles

Pros: Subaru stated that the WRX was the “Official Vehicle” for “The Zombie Apocalypse” with it’s all wheel drive and fast engines making it ideal for a quick getaway vehicle, even in tricky off road situations.

Cons: The bodywork might not take as much damage as the other vehicles listed here. This is a trade of for it’s agility.

Average MPG: 25 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #8:

Land Rover Defender, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Land Rover Defender
From £3,795 for a 1992 with 124,000 miles

Pros: Made to be off road vehicles, people in the countryside swear by them.

Cons: Reports suggest that Defenders are not the most reliable vehicles. They are usually slow and probably not ideal for spending the night in as they can become damp inside. These also have poor turning circles and can be scary to drive at their top speeds.

Average MPG: 24 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #7:

Nissan X-Trail, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Nissan X-Trail
From £950 for a 2004 with 89,000 miles

Pros: Made from high strength steel. More comfortable than some of the other SUV’s here.

Cons: Not all of these are four-wheel drive. Not the best off road vehicle but still better than something like a Honda CR-V.

Average MPG: 32 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #6:

Fiat Panda, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Fiat Panda 4×4
From £1,695 for a 2005 with 107,638 miles

Pros: The best fuel efficiency out of all the vehicles we have listed, this will help a lot once fuel becomes scarce. Small enough to evade a zombie hoard through tight areas.

Cons: Probably not as strong as the other vehicles here and you may have to travel light due to the compact size.

Average MPG: 42 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #5:

Jaguar XJ, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Jaguar XJ
From £790 for a 1994 with 144,685 miles

Pros: A lot of car for your money if you are to be ‘pre-apocalypse’ ready. Probably luxurious enough to sleep in if you need to when you’re driving across the country looking for a safe location to make camp.

Cons: Jaguars don’t have the best reliability rating so might not be the most dependable vehicle in a sticky situation.

Average MPG: 31 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #4:

Volvo V70, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Volvo V70
From £490 for a 2000 with 116,000 miles

Pros: Volvo’s aren’t nicknamed tanks in the car industry for nothing. They seem to go on forever and their life expectancy is longer than a Nokia 3210. With a 0-60 of 7.9 seconds from the 2.4 litre engine you will easily get to a safe location with everything you need in the boot. Comfortable when travelling for hours at a time.

Cons: Owners report experiencing poor turning circles and poor performance in snow conditions.

Average MPG: 26.4 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #3:

Mazda Bongo, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Mazda Bongo
From £1,750 for a 1996 for a 130,000 miles

Pros: This versatile vehicle doubles up as a living space as well as being four-wheel drive. They can either transport a large family or some come with built in beds. Common Japanese imports so finding parts shouldn’t be an issue.

Cons: The handling will not be as good as the other vehicles on this list with a thin wheelbase so you may risk being toppled by a zombie hoard.

Average MPG: 25 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #2:

Toyota Hilux, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Toyota Hilux
From £1,195 for a 1991 with 90,000 miles

Pros: The trusty Toyota has been proven to keep going through vigorous tests by the old Top Gear team. A reliable steed! The rear pickup section will be useful when foraging.

Cons: Fairly basic inside. Function over form is the motto here!

Average MPG: 25 mpg

Zombie Survival Vehicle #1:

Jeep Grand Cherokee, factory spec and outfitted for a zombie apocalypse

Jeep Grand Cherokee
From £700 for a 1998 with 98,000 miles

Pros: Well known for its off road capabilities, towing a boat and going uphill is no problem.

Cons: Having a larger engine makes this a thirsty vehicle.

Average MPG: 19 mpg

Do you think your vehicle would be suited for an post apocalyptic situation? If not you may want to see how much you can get for your old car and start searching for a new vehicle in preparation!
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