Scrap Car Industry Given a Boost

The recycling industry was given a significant boost when a waste management deal was completed in Hull. This deal will create over 60 new jobs in the area and has given the recycling business a small lift. The waste management deal is recorded to be worth £750m and has been signed by Wakefield Council. The new recycling centre will sort materials on site before being moved to manufacturers in East Yorkshire who will make new products out of the waste.

The new facilities will take about two and a half years to finish. Residents from the local area of Hull will be the only ones allowed to use the recycling centre. However, if you would like to use these services you will need a pass which proves that you live in the area and if you arrive without a pass then you must provide a passport or gas bill. You can use these services if you are a business, trade, or commercial user but this has to be done through the trade waste officers or by private contractors.

What Can They Recycle

The answer is almost anything, from household goods such as: fridge freezers, mobiles, clothes, and electrical equipment to car batteries and tyres. To view the full list of materials that can be recycled visit Hull’s Councils website. Most things you can think of can be recycled here, which I suppose turns it into a one stop, shop it also helps raise the important topic of how to recycle more. Hull City Council have made it easier for their residents to recycle which is great for our economy and also help aid the planet we live in. Chris Ratcliffe has stated:

“We already have a waste transfer station at the site but we have to transport the material to be sorted. This facility will not change the amount of waste or recyclables coming to the site.”

It will also reduce their travel cost which again helps reduce fuel cost – further helping our environment. Recycling is something we all need to learn how to do more efficiently. Learning what is and what isn’t recyclable isn’t difficult to learn. At Scrap Car Comparison we try to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and its benefits toward a strong economy. Without recycling plants like the ones in Hull it would be impossible to keep the car industry alive due to the massive demand for steel and aluminium. In our blog post we teach how important it is to scrap your car and the benefits which follow these procedures. If you have any questions you would like to ask us please contact us through the website or contact one of our fully trained staff today.

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