Road Safety Week 2022

Road safety awareness charity Brake is once again gearing up for their annual national campaign, Road Safety Week 2022. As one of our former featured charities and ongoing charity partners, let us at Scrap Car Comparison guide you through everything you need to know about Brake’s annual campaign..

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, however, one of the easiest ways to ensure you are as safe as possible on the road is to be completely confident that your car is in top condition. If you’re driving around in a car that you know is very close to expiring, or simply have a car parked on your driveway that’s unlikely to turn a wheel again anytime soon, by putting it out to pasture you’re ensuring another dangerous set of wheels can never return to the road.

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When is road safety week 2022?

Road Safety week falls across the 14th to the 20th November this year, with a range of activities taking place across the country during this week.

Who runs road safety week 2022?

Road Safety Week is an annual campaign run by the charity Brake. Brake is a charity set up to support those who have been affected by road accidents, as well as championing road safety in general, including speed limits, and the rights of road victims. Visit our previous partnership page, when Brake were our featured charity back in 2018.

What is the theme of road safety week 2022?

Road Safety Week 2022 is themed as “Safe Roads For All” and will focus on making sure that road journeys are as safe and healthy for every road user, whether on four wheels, two wheels or on foot. This will include the raising of awareness surrounding safe roads, safe vehicles and speeds. There will be posts highlighting inclusivity to show that every person on the road has an equal level of importance to be safe, while also explaining the new hierarchy of road users, brought in this year to ensure the safety of everyone on the road, no matter what they’re driving.

How can I support road safety week 2022?

Supporting Road Safety Week can be achieved in a number of ways. Depending on where you work, you can hold sessions to raise awareness for road safety. For example, if you work in a school you can hold sessions with your pupils to show them the dangers of the roads. Likewise, you can provide training or education sessions, or put policies in place at your workplace to improve the road safety of the business around you.

If you work for the emergency services then now is your time to shine a light on the work that you do and to show the dangers that you have seen around the roads, and if you’re a road crash victim, share your stories to show just how important it is to be safe on the road.

How can I raise money for road safety week 2022?

Anyone can raise money for Road Safety Week through any means they wish, but there are a couple of Brake-backed fundraisers that you can become a part of:

  • Brake Bright: Find the brightest clothes that you own – be it a neon shirt, a fluorescent wig or the brightest hawaiian shirt in your wardrobe. This is to reflect the image of cyclists and walkers to ensure they are as visible as possible in dim conditions.
  • 22 in 22: According to data established in 2020, someone is killed in a car crash every 22 minutes. To shine a light on this figure, you could do a 22-hour sponsored event (such as video game marathon or silence), or 22 lengths of a swimming pool, or play 22 board games back-to-back.
  • Bake for Brake: Everyone loves a bake sale, so why not channel your inner Mary Berry and produce your own signatures or showstoppers. Why not make them theme-relevant with traffic light-coloured cupcakes, or donuts made to look like wheels, for example?

You can also raise money for Road Safety Week by donating some of the money you make when using Scrap Car Comparison to scrap your car. To find out how this works, we’ve put together a handy guide here, and to find out just how much your car could be worth as scrap, get in touch with the team today or use our quick and easy online quote generator.

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