We’re Supporting Children On The Edge this May

“All children are equal and entitled to the same rights as each other”…

The above headline is the reason we have chosen Children on the Edge as our charity partner for the month of May.

Every month we donate to our ‘Featured Charity of the Month’ and we are delighted to have chosen Children on the Edge for our fundraising.

We live in a world where “all children are equal and entitled to the same rights as each other” – but this around the world is not happening which highlights why we need charities like Children on the Edge and all the good work they do.

​Children on the Edge exists to help marginalised and forgotten children, who are living on the edge of their societies. These are children without parental care, neglected or persecuted by their governments, ignored by international media and missed by large overseas agencies.

​Working in partnership with local communities, they help create safe, child friendly environments. Children on the Edge support children to realise their rights, and restore the ingredients of a full childhood by generating hope, life, colour and fun.

Scrap Car Comparison looks forward to raising as much funds as possible during May.

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