Is it illegal to charge someone for a lift?

Getting around is expensive, especially if you don’t have your own car. Not only can it cost a small fortune to get around in a taxi, but when factoring in buses or trains it can become a logistical nightmare. It’s easier, then, to just ask a mate for a lift, right? On the face of it, yes, but did you know it’s very easy to get caught up in a legal minefield? Read on to find out why, and how to avoid it.

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Is it illegal to charge for a lift?

The act of asking for money in return for a lift is not strictly illegal, providing the figure you’re asking for does not exceed the amount that it would cost you in fuel. It only becomes illegal if you are making a profit on the journey, as in order to do this you would need to have a valid taxi or private hire licence. 

Can I accept money for giving people lifts in my car?

If someone offers you some cash as a thank you for giving them a lift, then this shouldn’t be an issue, but once again make sure you’re not receiving more than the cost of the fuel to get there. It may be tricky to work out, but it’s better than falling foul of the rules for effectively running an unlicensed taxi service. If you can, just tell your friends it’s their turn next and everyone gets paid back when it’s their turn, just like when it’s their round at the bar.

What happens if I’m caught charging my friends for a lift?

If the police catch you making a profit of giving your friends a lift, then you could be slapped with a £2,500 fine for operating an unlicensed taxi service. Not only that, but you could have your vehicle seized and even have your insurance invalidated. Most insurers will not cover private drivers who are offering lifts in return for payment – so it’s worth thinking twice before trying to make a few quid from your mates that want a lift home on a Friday night.

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