Guide to Recycling a Car

When a vehicle needs to be scrapped, no matter the condition or reason, it will be taken to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) to be recycled.

If you have been wondering what happens to your car once it has been scrapped, our latest guide to car recycling provides you with all you need to know.

This downloadable guide details the information needed when recycling your vehicle, including a comprehensive overview of the three-step car recycling process:     

  • Depollution
  • Dismantlement
  • Destruction

From materials removed during depollution to dismantling the engine and melting, the guide details the stages and recycling opportunities throughout each of the three steps of the car recycling process.  

There is also a frequently asked questions section, containing the answers to the most common questions about car recycling.

Recycling your car has never been easier, read our guide today.

Guide to recycling a car

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