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You see them very rarely and notice there often an odd shape, but they help the environment more than most vehicles on the market. What are they I hear you say?

Hybrid Cars.

These eco-friendly vehicles are terrific examples of what our motoring industry will look like in the future.

Hybrid cars run from battery power and petrol engines; they were created to reduce fuel emissions and have been known to produce 90% less pollution than non-hybrid vehicles. They also depreciate a lot less than vehicles with internal combustion engines. The reason for this is probably because there aren’t a lot of them running around. In Asia they have been using hybrids as far back as 1997, so they are not a new concept as far as motoring is concerned. However, hybrid cars are vastly different from electric vehicles because the hybrid charges the battery as the vehicle is in motion, whereas electric cars rely solely on the power from a battery charger. To learn more about the hybrid engine and how it works and the concepts behinds the technology, check out the video below.

Hybrid vehicles are great for the environment and if we compared a standard petrol engine to that of a hybrid you can see the differences immediately favour the hybrid.

Gasoline engines average 20-30 miles per gallon
Diesel engines average 30-40 miles per gallon
Hybrid engines average 45+ miles per gallon

These figures suggest the hybrid car has the edge over the others, yet popular opinion seems to suggest that hybrid cars are simply a stepping stone to creating more dependable electrical vehicles. To move completely away from gasoline engines anytime soon seems inconceivable right night now, but nevertheless we are moving forward towards a greener future, and hybrid cars are certainly a step towards achieving that.

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