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Taking Your Driving Test? Here Are the New COVID-19 Precautions You Need to Know

This is the news learner drivers eager to get on the road have been waiting for. After a four-month COVID-19 suspension, driving tests can once more go ahead from today – 22nd July 2020.

There are new driving test safety measures to consider before a test can take place. To ensure the health and safety of both candidates and examiners, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has issued new guidelines which must be met during every driving test.

If you’re gearing up to take your driving test, here are the COVID-19 safety precautions you need to know.

Candidates’ responsibilities

As the candidate taking the driving test, you must:

  • Bring and wear a face covering when arriving for your test.
  • Your test will be cancelled if you arrive without a face covering.

When you arrive for your driving test

  • You must not to arrive for your driving test more than five minutes before it is due to start.
  • Driving test centre waiting rooms will be closed, with toilets available for use on request.

During your driving test

  • Your driving examiner will wear a face covering and may choose to also wear gloves and put disposable seat covers in the test car.
  • Due to safety, your driving instructor or supervising instructor will not be able to sit in the back of the car during your test.
  • Your driving examiner will end your tests early should face covering become a safety issue during your test.

Once your test has finished, the examiner will ask you to leave the vehicle before you are given feedback and your final test result.

Exemption of face coverings

There are some cases in which someone taking a driving test cannot wear a face covering, although this must be pre-agreed when the test is arranged.

Reasons to not wear a face covering include:

  • If you have a condition or disability that means a face covering cannot be worn.
  • If using a face covering would cause severe distress.

When not to attend your driving test

It’s very important that you only attend your driving test if you are feeling well and there isn’t a chance that you may have come into contact with someone with coronavirus.

You must not attend your driving test if:

  • You have COVID-19 symptoms, or someone you live with does.
  • You’ve been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service to say that you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19.
  • If you have returned to the UK in the last 14 days.
  • If you are self-isolating.

If any of these situations occur and you cannot attend your test as planned, you will need to rebook another driving test for a later date.  It will be free to rebook your test at short notice (within three clear working days of the test).

Getting new drivers on the road safely

It’s great to see driving tests restart in the UK, we’re sure there are lots of learners who can’t wait to sit their tests, lose their L plates and become fully-fledged drivers. These new driving test safety measures will make sure they can do so safely for all involved.

If you are taking your driving test soon, be safe and best of luck!


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