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Do Electric Cars Need an MOT?

As electric cars become more and more regular on our roads, questions regarding what they need to get there are becoming more regular. Electric cars, for example, are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) – or road tax to you and me – but what about MOTs?

Does An Electric Car Car Need An MOT?

While they may be exempt from paying road tax, electric vehicles do need to have a valid MOT certificate once they reach the age of three, just like any “traditional” internal combustion engine vehicle.

What Happens During an Electric Car MOT?

An MOT for an electric car is very similar to that of a standard test, although there is no need for any of the engine-based tests or fluid changes on fully electric vehicles, for obvious reasons – although hybrid-electric vehicles will still require a full engine check over. EVs also don’t have to undergo the typical emissions and noise tests, since these cars produce no emissions and also zero decibels worth of noise, too! All of the other checks remain as standard, such as but not limited to:

  • The integrity of basic safety features
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Safety-required electricals

Can I Take My Electric Car To Any MOT Centre?

With the growing number of electric cars on the road, you will find that almost all MOT centres these days will cover them. It’s always worth phoning ahead though to ensure that the centre that you are planning to go to is able to service electric vehicles.

How Much Does an Electric Car MOT Cost?

As with MOTs for all other cars, there is no set price for an electric car test, although there is a maximum that you can be charged. A test centre can charge no more than £54.85 for an MOT test, although some may do it at a reduced rate.

How Often Will an Electric Car Need an MOT?

An MOT on an electric car, much like all other MOTs across the board, will last for 12 months from the moment the certificate is issued. You will need to renew the MOT every year, and will be able to renew any time within a month of the expiration date. If you allow your MOT to run out then the car will not legally be allowed on the road and you could find yourself facing a fine of up to £1000.

What Happens If I Fail My Electric Car MOT?

If your EV fails its MOT, you could go the traditional route of fixing it up. The problem is, this can sometimes be incredibly costly and in some cases completely out of a motorist’s budget. So what options are you left with if you can’t afford to have your electric car repaired to an MOT-passable standard?

You could look into selling the vehicle privately, but trying to find a buyer for an MOT failure will be difficult, especially since not everybody has been converted to the world of EVs yet. It’s for this reason that many MOT failure cars, whether they’re electric, petrol or diesel, will end up being sold as scrap or salvage. That’s where we come in, finding you the best deals for your vehicle in an instant!

Can I Scrap My Electric Car?

Yes! Both electric and hybrid vehicles can be scrapped alongside petrol and diesel vehicles, however are done so in a slightly different way. Find out how much your car or van could be worth in just 30 seconds, with our free, online calculator tool.

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