How to Change the Address on a V5C Log Book

If you’ve just moved home and have a car, you’ll need to let the DVLA know that you have a new address. This is done using your V5C Log Book, which is an important document for all car owners, as it states the name and address of the vehicle’s owner – this is why it is vital to keep it up to date. It’s also a key piece of paperwork if and when you decide to scrap your car.

Updating your address is a quick and simple change to make. Read on for more…

How to change address on your V5C document

There are two main ways to change the address on your log book, either online or by post:


Head to the relevant page on the website and follow the steps in the online form to change to your new address. Even though this can all be completed online, you’ll still need access to your V5C log book in order to provide your document reference number; you’ll find this on the front page of your document. You’ll also need the registration number of your vehicle, and, of course, your new address.

Once you’ve completed the form, you should receive a confirmation email, and you’ll then be directed to destroy your old log book.

By post:

This means filling in the relevant section of your V5C document with your name and new address, then physically sending it to the DVLA. For the new style log books (with coloured, numbered blocks on the front page), you’ll need to fill out section 3. For older style log books, you’ll need to fill in section 6 – don’t forget to sign the V5C before posting.

The postage address is DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA and it’s recommended that you send this by tracked post so you’ll know if it gets lost in the post.

V5C Document for your vehicle

Fill out Section 3 of newer-style V5C documents.

V5C Logbook - Older style

The postage address is DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA and it’s recommended that you send this by tracked post so you’ll know if it gets lost in the post. 

Does it cost to change addresses?

Changing the address on your V5C document is totally free – you’ll just need to cover the cost of postage if you decide not to change the address online.

How long does it take to change addresses?

While there may always be some delays, you can generally expect to receive a new V5C log book, with the updated address, in around 5 working days if you applied online, and in around 6 weeks if you change the address by post.

Why you might not be able to change your address

There are a few potential reasons you may not be able to change the address on your V5C document. These include:

  • You’ve lost your log book and are unable to retrieve its reference number. If this is the case, you’ll need to apply for a new one from the website for £25 first.
  • Your car tax runs out in the next four weeks. In this case, you’ll need to tax your vehicle before changing your address. This can also be done online on the site.
  • You’re using a PO Box address. The new address needs to be a physical address, rather than a PO Box.

We have plenty more useful information on our blog about V5C documents, including whether you can scrap a car without a V5C document. If yours is up to date and you’re interested in scrapping your vehicle, get a scrap quote today to see how much your car or van could be worth.

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