Help the Environment and Save Money

Help the Environment and Save Money

Motorists continue to struggle to keep their cars on the roads because of increasing petrol prices and insurance costs. Many people are reducing the non-essential trips they make in a bid to cut motoring bills, which can be difficult for those living in rural areas where a car is more of a necessity. However, there are ways to save money and even make cash if you are a car owner.

Be selective about where you go to fill up your vehicle, which will take some pre-planning. Travelling long distances will wipe out the benefits of finding cheaper petrol and try not to get caught short of fuel on the motorway, as this is where prices tend to be the most expensive.

If your vehicle fails its MOT or has a problem that is too expensive to repair, you can take it to a registered scrap yard and dispose of it free of charge. However, thanks to the increase in scrap metal values, motorists can now expect to receive some cash for their scrap car.

You can actually make small adjustment to your driving technique, which can help to save on fuel. Drive more efficiently by not letting the rev count get too high before changing gear. If you are able to keep a consistent cruising speed, especially on the motorway, this will also help to reduce the amount of fuel you’ll use.

Keep the weight of the car as low as possible, so do not travel around with unnecessary baggage on board or a roof rack if it is not being used. This all adds extra weight, which leads to more fuel being used to power the vehicle.

Have you ever considered renting out your car? If you do not use it every day there are now specialist sites set up to allow you to rent it your vehicle by the hour or for the day. People using your car will have full comprehensive insurance and if they have an accident, your no-claims bonus will not be affected.

Similarly, if you often have an empty driveway you can charge people to park their cars on it, which can be particularly lucrative if you live close to a train station, airport, hospital or shopping area. Again, there are dedicated sites set up to help you find out how you can get involved with this.

Insurance costs can also be reduced by parking your car on a driveway or in a secure place, such as a garage, as opposed to on the road.

These are just a few ways to save money or make some cash from your vehicles, which might be of interest to motorists in these difficult economic times.

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