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Is your trusty Iveco van coming to the end of its life? Are you looking to upgrade your van or swap it for a different make? If so, it could be time to scrap it. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what is most suitable for you. So, we’ve put together some information and guidance to scrapping your Iveco, the schemes available and what plays a factor in the value of your vehicle, to ensure you choose the right option for you. Plus, we’ll talk you through our van scrap quote tool to finding the best price for your van when you scrap it with Scrap Car Comparison.

Common reasons for scrapping an Iveco

There are many different reasons for scrapping a vehicle, from age to performance, damage to a simple change of heart. It can be the perfect solution to upgrading your wheels, without the stress of finding a buyer. Iveco vans are popular, known for their safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Whether your current Iveco no longer serves you and you’re in need of something a bit bigger or smaller, we have plenty of buyers across the UK that want to buy your scrap Iveco, no matter what condition it’s in!

What affects Iveco scrap value?

If you decide to scrap your Iveco, there are a few factors which can alter the value of your vehicle. Below we take a look into the model and colour of your van, but what affects the value?

With any valuation of a used car or van, age of the vehicle and how many miles it’s done are two of the biggest factors with determining the price you could fetch for it. If you have an older Iveco, it’s no surprise you would get less money for it compared to a newer model. Likewise, if it has covered thousands more miles than average for its age, it could also be worth less. Other factors which will determine the value of your Iveco are: number of previous owners, emissions, service history and specification. You may not think it but also consider the time of year you’re selling your vehicle and the and method of selling you are using; these could potentially affect the value of your Iveco.

Iveco scrap value comparison

One of the most important factors in deciding to scrap your Iveco sits with profit. We’ve scrapped hundreds of vans, including Iveco’s, but what you’ll receive for your vehicle will depend on a number of factors highlighted above. To give you a better idea of how your Iveco could measure up against other models, we’ve put together a value comparison, looking at model and colour and how they compare in value.

Model % of LDV Price
S and Z 73.53%
Daily 102.04%

Most popular colours scrapped

  1. Silver – 7.14%
  2. White – 78.57%
  3. Red – 7.14%
  4. Other – 7.15%

My Iveco is too good to scrap – what now?

You may be thinking that your Iveco is not old enough to scrap, or hasn’t got any damage of faults, but that’s not a problem. Scrapping is not the only option; we have a whole network of trusted salvage buyers who can take your Iveco apart and recycle parts to use for other vehicles. Either way, we can still provide you with a quick and free quote, plus collect it from you at no extra cost.

Iveco scrappage scheme

From 2009-2010, Iveco ran scrappage scheme which enabled customers to scrap a car or van over ten years old and benefit from a £2,000 discount against the purchase of a new Daily Van or Chassis Cab. The idea behind the scheme was to appeal to the smaller retailers and tradesmen who drive older models of an Iveco, to benefit from improved economy and performance by scrapping their old Iveco and receiving a bonus towards a new one.

Unfortunately, this scheme ran until the end of February in 2010, and while there are many scrappage schemes for vans out there, but none that are officially linked with Iveco.

Don’t have an Iveco van? You can find out about other makes and models here.

Scrap your Iveco with Scrap Car Comparison

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