The Rage Yard: Take out your 2020 anger on scrap cars

To help you release all the anger that’s been built up in 2020 we’re providing scrap cars for destruction therapy; Welcome to the Rage Yard!

What is the Rage Yard?

We’ve teamed up with Tanks-A-Lot in Northamptonshire to offer a lucky group the chance to try our new Rage Yard experience. The Rage Yard experience is based on the theory of ‘destruction therapy’ e.g. taking out your rage by destroying stuff!

The first part of your destruction therapy will involve shooting the cars with shotguns; think of something that’s wound you up in 2020 (cancelled holiday? Zoom pub quizzes? Failed banana bread?) take aim, and shoot those grievances to pieces!

The second half will involve one member of your party feeling the awesome power of driving a souped-up 56 tonne Chieftain battle tank (as seen in Fast and Furious 6) over an old scrap car – the perfect way to literally squash and destroy all of your 2020 anger.

Entry to the Rage Yard has now closed.

The winner:

We will carefully combine all entries to select a name at random, this person will then be offered the chance to book a Rage Yard experience. If you are the lucky winner and want to book a Rage Yard session you will need to pay a booking fee of £20.20 and you and your five friends will need to be able to make your own way to the site in Northamptonshire.

If you are successful there is no obligation to book a Rage Yard experience, we will simply repeat the draw and randomly select another entrant instead.

Rage Yard sessions will be booked at a time to suit you before February 2021.

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