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It’s a sad but inevitable fact that sooner or later, all vehicles will reach the end of their usable life, and anything from accidents, MOT failure or ‘acts of God’ can be the final nail in the coffin of your tired old van. Luckily here at Scrap Car Comparison we don’t just deal in vehicles destined for the scrapheap or crusher, and we will be able to find you the very best price for your broken or damaged van thanks to our nationwide network of trusted buyers specialising in salvageable vehicles.

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broken and damaged car collectionHow To Sell A Broken Or Damaged Van.

Just because you have one major fault with your van doesn’t mean the entire van has to be sent for scrap, and there are a number of reasons that can cause it to be classed as damaged or broken. These will often fall into just three overarching categories: bodywork, engine/parts or interior.

Because it’s usually just one of these elements that is faulty, the van can often be sold as salvage, with the remaining usable parts removed and used elsewhere to help other vehicles. For instance, if your van is a non-starter due to engine damage, while another can’t move due to having a damaged shell, you can remove pieces from each to create one working van. While broken vans are repairable, doing so is time consuming, difficult and often expensive work, so many are sold as salvage vehicles, which is a much quicker, easier and more lucrative option.

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Get Offers for Your Damaged or Broken Van

With over 100 specialist buyers on our system, it’s easy to get the best price for your vehicle. Just enter your details into the form at the top of this page to get started. Our system will compare the best offers for your vehicle instantly, providing you with a guaranteed price including free collection and no hidden charges.

different damage levelsDamage Categories

While selling damaged vans is going to be difficult, salvage categories have made it easier for people to understand the difference between broken or damaged vehicles. These categories are often known as “write-off categories” as almost all insurers will deem cars a write-off if they fit into any of the four categories. Formerly known as Categories A, B, C and D, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) categorised these in 2017, and the categories are now as follows:

Category A IconCategory A – Scrap

Any vehicle given a Category A rating must be scrapped and no parts are allowed to be reused for salvage.

Category B IconCategory B – Break

A Category B vehicle must be scrapped, but some of the parts may be taken off it and used elsewhere.

Category C IconCategory S – Structural

If a vehicle is written off as Category S, it will be due to damage to the structural frame or chassis. Category S is for vans where the owner or insurer has decided not to repair, but they can be used as salvage.

Category D IconCategory N – Non-Structural

A Category N van has no structural damage and is repairable, but the owner or insurer has decided not to repair it.

Damaged car buyersSelling Damaged Vehicles

Our nationwide network of buyers at Scrap Car Comparison specialise in both damaged and broken vehicles for salvage, so whether you’re staring at a blown head gasket, you’ve been involved in an accident or you’re having recurring problems that you simply don’t have the time or money to fix, our buyers will be able to take the ailing van off your hands, and put some cash in your bank account at the same time.

If your vehicle was in a crash, for example, and there was body damage as a result, this would classify your van as damaged. Depending on how bad the damage is, your insurance company will consider the cost of insurance payouts, repairs to the van and the hire of a courtesy car, and could decide that it is now uneconomical for them to repair. But just because your insurer believes it to be uneconomical doesn’t mean that it’s unrepairable. There may be parts that can still be reused for spares or repairs to other vehicles – you can read more about this in our Buy Back Hub. 

However, if your van is a non-runner with no valid MOT certificate, then this would classify it as broken, as it doesn’t work. A broken van is not an unusable van, though, and the body could be perfectly serviceable if the broken parts are changed or repaired. Most of the time broken vehicles are incredibly costly to fix and can take a long time to get back on the road, so having it removed and clearing the space it’s using up is often an easier option.

The salvage vehicle buyers on our network are hugely experienced in moving almost any type of broken vehicle, and while you may have had difficulties moving them yourself, they will be more than prepared to take it away for you, removing the stress and replacing it with a tidy sum of cash.

Is your car scrap or salvageWhat’s the Difference Between Selling my Van as Scrap or Salvage?

By using Scrap Car Comparison to sell your van, your experience will be no different whether you decide to sell as scrap or salvage. Our buyers specialise in purchasing vehicles for both purposes, although you will have more options if your van is salvageable, as selling for scrap means you must only go to a government Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) so it can be depolluted and disposed of in line with strict legal guidelines.

If you don’t know whether your van should be put down as either scrap or salvage, then our team of friendly experts will be able to assist and make sure you are getting the very best deal for your vehicle.

FAQ iconWhat To Expect When Selling A Broken Van

The value of a broken van will vary from vehicle to vehicle owing to the differences in damage levels that can occur. You should always be incredibly clear when describing the condition of your van, as accuracy is key when it comes to generating a quote. If you’re not completely honest, you could find the price changing when the buyer sees the vehicle and finds it’s not as described.

It’s also important to remember that you are likely to see a much smaller figure than if you were to be selling a second-hand van in full working condition. However, there’s no need to be too disheartened as our network of buyers specialise in broken or damaged vehicles, and their industry knowledge means we will be able to offer you an incredibly competitive price for your van.

However, keep in mind that when it comes to selling a damaged vehicle, you’re likely to see higher quotes for unrepaired vans, as we cannot guarantee the quality or safety of any self-repairs.

FAQ IconWhat Information Do We Need?

Chances are you’ve never sold a damaged or broken van before, and understandably this can be a little unsettling, but it’s not as complicated as you may have originally feared. With Scrap Car Comparison, selling a faulty vehicle is simple: enter your details and we do the rest!

To give us the best chance at getting the most accurate quote for your vehicle, we’ll need a detailed picture of your van’s current state. Make sure to include details including current mileage, MOT history and any faults that you are aware of. Once this information is given to our advisors, it will be analysed by our buyers’ network and we will provide you with an instant quote and should you accept the van will be collected for free at a time convenient to you.

Information to provide to scrap car comparison

Getting paid for your damaged vehicleHow Do You Get Paid For Selling a Damaged Van?

All payments will be made via bank transfer or cheque, however if selling for salvage then very occasionally you may find one of our buyers paying in cash. Since the Scrap Metal Dealers Act of 2013, it has been illegal for vehicles to be sold for cash if they’re being depolluted and recycled, but this does not apply to salvage vehicles.

Cash payments are often untraceable, and the Scrap Metal Dealers Act added a level of accountability across the metal trade to stop the selling of stolen vehicles. With customer safety being our top priority, Scrap Car Comparison’s network only uses buyers with trusted reputations, and they will always ask to see photo ID, the V5 or a utility bill before collecting your vehicle to ensure all details match.

If you’re looking to sell your damaged van and need an instant quote, please fill out the online form above or call one of our telephone representatives on 03333 44 99 50 to find you a suitable buyer.