The World’s Largest Shredder Can Crush 450 Scrap Cars Every Hour

The world’s largest industrial shredder has been in operation in Newport, Wales since 2006. It is capable of destroying 450 end-of-life vehicles an hour and is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. The LYNXS shredder is run by the Sims Group UK, and is located at the Associated British Ports Terminal in Newport. 

The machine is a whopping 40 tonne, 6,865KW, 14-pole (420rpm) WEG high voltage electric motor and works just the same as a conventional shredder, only on a colossal scale.

The site of the world's largest car destroyer
Image source: Auto Express

How it Works

Scrap cars are first crushed to reduce their volume, then fed into the machine. The pieces of metal then moves along the feeder pipe to the shredding section, with twin rollers preventing too much metal going into the shredder and getting blocked. Then, heavy-duty hammers spin rapidly, breaking down the metal which is then spewed out at the other end. All other materials, such as glass, rubber, plastic and carpet are separated from the metal chunks and taken away separately to be recycled. Every hour, 450 cars or 350 tons of metal are processed at the LYNXS Shredder. It’s so powerful that it has to be connected directly to the Welsh National Power Grid to get sufficient power!

The site of the world's largest car destroyer
Image source: Auto Express

What Happens After the Crushing

According to the LYNXS site, the various shredded materials are called “high-density uniform fragmented scrap” the different metals, such as steel, copper and aluminium are exported around the world – this is why the plant’s location is next to the port. Roughly 60% of the recycled materials will be shipped to South East Asia, where currently, the demand for scrap materials is the highest. Approximately 2.5 million tonnes of metal are exported each year.

A pile of metal shards

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