Is It Illegal To Park Over A Dropped Kerb?

Dropped kerbs can be the bane of a driver’s existence when they’re desperately trying to find a parking space in a busy area, but is it actually illegal to park across them, or simply frowned upon? Allow us to explain.

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What Is A Dropped Kerb?

A dropped kerb (or curb, for our American readers) is a section of the pavement that has been lowered to slope downwards to be almost flush with the road. Typically, these are used at pedestrian crossings to allow the people to easily cross the road – and they’re often accompanied by a section with bumps to aid those who are visually impaired.

They’re also incredibly common in residential areas, allowing homeowners to drive directly up the pavement and into their driveway.

Can You Park On A Dropped Kerb?

No. Parking across a dropped kerb may not seem like a big deal, but it’s considered serious enough that you could end up receiving a Penalty Charge Notice for doing so. However, in many cases, you’ll only get a fine if you’re completely blocking a driveway or otherwise proving to be a nuisance through your choice of parking spot.

Can I Park On A Dropped Kerb Outside My House?

You might think “yes, of course you can!” but actually, you’d be wrong. Drivers are not allowed to park across a dropped kerb, whether it’s outside somebody else’s home or their own. This is because you, the homeowner, do not own the kerb.

It’s not just used for driving into and out of your driveway. It’s also considered useful for pedestrians who might require a lowered kerb – like those with mobility issues and/or those who use a wheelchair, or parents with pushchairs.

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule, one of which does involve parking across the kerb of a private (not shared) residential premises by or with the consent of the owner. Not sure if you’re allowed? Park there at your own risk.

Is It Illegal To Park Over A Dropped Kerb In The UK?

Yes. It is a ‘parking contravention’ and you can face a fine for doing so. If you have parked entirely across a dropped kerb to an extent that prevents the person owning the driveway from using their vehicle, you can also expect a call out from the police. Your vehicle may even be towed away.

What Can I Do If Someone Else Is Parked Over My Dropped Kerb?

If you find yourself blocked in your own home by somebody else who has parked across your driveway, you’ll want to search for the phone number of your local council’s parking team.

Then, over the phone, you’ll need to give them your name, address, phone number and the details of the vehicle that is obstructing your access. Once all the relevant information has been collected and confirmed, a CEO (Civil Enforcement Officer) will be out to deliver justice to the offending parker.

How Close Can You Park To A Dropped Kerb?

The government states that you’re not allowed to park “adjacent to any footway, cycle track or verge that has been dropped or raised to meet the level of the carriageway”. In official guidelines, they continue to say that “a vehicle is considered to be committing a parking contravention where any part of the vehicle is blocking any part along the full length of the dropped kerb, this includes the sloped kerb stones”.

Can You Park Opposite A Dropped Kerb?

Yes, it is totally legal to park opposite a dropped kerb. There are no rules or restrictions that prevent you from doing so, and as long as there are no yellow lines in place, nobody on that street can legally prevent you from stopping there.

Can You Park In Front Of A Driveway Without A Dropped Kerb In The UK?

Absolutely, you are allowed to park in front of a driveway as long as there’s no dropped kerb in place. In fact, if the homeowner was to use their driveway, they would be the ones breaking the law since it’s illegal to cross the footpath in a vehicle!

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