Is it Illegal to Drive in High Heels?

As Christmas and New Year party season is in full swing, people will be turning their attention to their outfits, worrying more about what they’re going to wear than how they’re going to get there. If you’re planning on wearing a pair of your best high heels, but also need to drive to get there, is it sensible to wear those shoes behind the wheel, or should you just pop on a pair of trusted trainers before swapping out when you arrive? Let Scrap Car Comparison take you through the dos and donts of footwear throughout the party season.

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Can I drive a car wearing high heels?

There is no law that specifies that you cannot drive in high heels. However, it isn’t recommended. High heels aren’t known for their stability, particularly stilettos, and these could easily slip and get caught under the pedals. Equally, you’ll likely need to move your seat back to accommodate your new height, meaning you’ll be in a position you’re not used to, which could impact your driving. If you are deemed to be driving in an unsafe manner and the police decide that your choice of footwear is to blame, then you could be stung with a penalty for driving without due care and attention

Can you drive in wedges?

Wedges may be a more comfortable way of walking, but they’re a poor choice of footwear when stepping behind the wheel of a car. Wedges or platforms have a large amount of material between your foot and the floor, which means you won’t be getting an accurate feel of how hard you’re pressing the pedals and you could accidentally slam the brakes on unexpectedly, which could then cause you to lose control or catch out any drivers behind.

Is there a limit on high heel height while driving?

As there are no specific laws regarding high heels, there is no legal limit on what size heel you can or can’t wear. However, it’s more of a common sense situation, and anything over 10cm is probably far too high to be driving in – you just won’t have the same control as you would in something flatter.

What happens if I’m found to be wearing high heels behind the wheel?

If you are found to be wearing high heels, then it is up to the authority that has discovered this to decide. If they believe that you are not in full control of your vehicle due to your choice of shoe, then you could find yourself handed a careless driving penalty. The most likely outcome of this would be a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice, although in extreme cases it could rise to £5,000 and nine points on your licence.

Am I insured if I drive in high heels?

If you are involved in an accident while wearing your high heels, then your insurers could turn around and say that your choice of footwear was not appropriate and that it contributed to the dangerous situation, meaning they will not cover you for that incident. With this in mind, it’s better to err on the side of caution. Have your high heels ready to change into after you’ve driven where you need to go in a pair of flats.

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