Red Car headlight with condensation on the bonnet

How to remove condensation from inside headlights

As you’re de-icing your car on a cold winter’s morning, illuminated only by the beams from your headlights, the last thing you’re going to want to see is a cloud forming behind the lens. When headlights fog up, it’s usually the sign that something in the headlight system has gone wrong – but luckily for you it’s usually a simple fix! Let Scrap Car Comparison guide you what to do when your headlights condensate, and how to stop it coming back in future!

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Why are my headlights foggy inside?

Foggy headlights is actually a more common problem than you might think, and it’s often quite a simple problem, thus easy to fix. The issue will usually be caused by a dodgy seal allowing the water in and adding moisture to an area where you simply don’t want it to be. Alternatively, it could be the polar opposite in that a vent may be blocked. Some headlights have vents built in to allow for changes in air pressure, but if these get blocked by dirt or general detritus, then moisture can be trapped in the lights, resulting in the same problems found with a dodgy seal.

Can headlight condensation be dangerous?

Condensation can cause your headlights to not illuminate the road as strongly as you would expect, or that they would be capable of. It goes without saying that with less light, you’re going to be seeing less ahead of you. Seeing less ahead of you greatly increases the chances of you missing something – or perhaps even being seen – and therefore increases the probability of an accident, all of which can be attributed at the start by condensation in your headlights – so yes, it can be very dangerous.

What happens if condensation inside my headlight freezes?

If the temperatures drop significantly enough that the condensation within your headlights freezes, then it may not be as bad as you initially thought. Often, the heat from the light itself will be enough to melt the ice – however, it’s an issue that’s likely to come back again and again until you get your condensation issue fixed.

Can you clean the inside of headlight lenses?

As you drive along, particularly if there is a gap for moisture to get into your headlight, general road grime will get into the headlights and gradually dirty the lens – this will happen all the more in wet conditions, as we’re used to in the UK. If the dirt has gotten to the point that it’s dimming your lights, then it’s time to clean it off, and you’ll be pleased to hear it’s not a particularly difficult job.

All you need to do is remove your headlights (this can be the tricky part, and it is best to check your manual to see exactly how your car’s are removed) and fill a bucket with hot water and a cleaning detergent. Using an abrasive pad, carefully remove the dirt from the inside of your lens – although do not push too hard as you may scratch the lens, which is irreversible and will require the purchase of a new one. Allow the lenses to dry totally before applying a coat of glass wax (this will help preserve them a little longer) and then pop them back in their original housing.

How to prevent condensation in the future

Preventing condensation in the future depends entirely on what caused the problem to begin with – and, unsurprisingly, the way to stop it returning is to fix the original issue. If there’s a broken seal, then fix the seal. If the vents are blocked, then clear the vents. If there’s a slight crack in the light itself letting in moisture, unfortunately that’s a new lens for you!

If the condensation in your headlights is just the tip of the iceberg for your tired old car, then you may find it’s time to just get rid of the entire thing instead. Rather than the endless task of fixing constant minor (and annoying) issues, just give our friendly team of experts a call. They’re waiting on the line to ensure you get only the very best price for your car, and what’s more, with a network spanning 99% of all British postcodes, we’ll even be able to provide you with free collection. Get started today by calling our phone line on 03333 44 99 50 or get an instant price with our quote generator and see just how much your car could be worth today.

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