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How to Check if Your Car Has Been Taxed

In 2013, the UK government made the bold move to abolish tax discs from 2014 onwards. The decision was made in order to cut down on the associated tasks and costs around printing and postage, but now we live in a post-tax disc world, how do we make sure our car has been taxed?

How do I check if my car has been taxed?

You can easily check if your car has been taxed by going online to

All you need to do is fill in your number plate; the site will then ask you to confirm the car model and colour they have on record. Once you confirm that these details are correct, you will see if your car is currently taxed, when your car tax is next due, as well as if your car has an in-date MOT, and when its next one is due.

You may also be reminded to tax your vehicle with a V11 reminder letter.

What is a V11 reminder?

A V11 reminder is a letter sent by the DVLA around three weeks before a vehicle is due to be taxed. This is a great resource for registered car users – it provides a window of opportunity to re-tax their vehicle for the year ahead, or give notice on the car being sold or taken off the road (in a Statutory Off Road Notification, otherwise known as SORN).

With a V11 reminder, you have the chance to decide whether you want to renew your tax online, at a designated Post Office, or by phone. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to pay using Direct Debit if you tax your vehicle over the phone.

How can I pay for my car tax?

You can pay for your car tax either online, by phone, or at a designated Post Office branch. If paying online or in-branch at a Post Office, you will have the option to pay annually, biannually, or monthly. There is a small 5% surcharge on biannual and monthly Direct Debit payments, however this is half of the 10% surcharge that was previously applied to biannual tax discs.

All in all, the best overall car tax value will be for those who pay the total sum upfront. You can find our frequently asked questions around car tax, here.

Why were car tax discs abolished?

In 2013, car tax discs were abolished to cut down on tax administration burdens and costs. This move was part of an overall effort to offer a more streamlined service for the general public, with the DVLA ruling that the migration of car tax online would ultimately help vehicle users and the police to have a central, digital resource.

With the police having access to DVLA records via the Police National Computer (PNC) and on-road police vehicles using Automatic Number Plate Readers (otherwise known as ANPRs), the process of tax monitoring has ultimately become easier for public services. With the implementation of digitised tax records, police services can more easily pull up those driving illegally in untaxed vehicles.

Blue tax discs

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