How To Adjust Your Car Mirrors Correctly

While you may think that mirrors are there to just be a little helpful, they’re actually one of the most important safety features of a car. Mirrors can help you to see things coming that you might not have been able to see before in your blind spot. They can also give you advanced warning if the emergency services are coming up behind you.

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What should you be able to see in your side mirrors?

There may well be an urge to position your mirrors in a way so that you can see the side of your car to have a better view of what’s right next to you, but that’s not actually what they’re there for. Instead you should only just be able to see a tiny amount of your own car, as what you really want to see is the lane next to you. A well-adjusted mirror can reduce your blind spots, making your driving experience much safer as a result.

What should you be able to see in your rear-view mirror?

As tempting as it may be to position the rear-view mirror to keep an eye on your children in the back seat, the more important sight you’re looking for is the traffic behind you, particularly those in adjacent lanes when driving on the motorway. Make sure that you can see the horizon and a little piece of the sky (or whatever is above the horizon at the time) and you’ll want to position the mirror so that you can see the entire rear window in your sights.

How to adjust your wing mirrors

The first step to adjusting your wing mirrors is to ensure that your seating position is an accurate reflection of how you’re going to be comfortably driving. There’s no point setting your wing mirrors and then sorting your seating position as this will change the view that you have of the road behind.

The method of adjusting your mirrors is likely to depend on the age, or the trim level, of your car. In some more basic situations you may find that your mirrors are adjusted by a little lever sticking out from where the mirror connects to the car door. Simply move this lever around until the mirror is in the desired position. More modern cars have an electronic system, but the main premise is the same. Instead of a lever you will have a large button, not unlike the d-pad on a gaming controller, and once you’ve selected the correct mirror, simply move this d-pad around until your mirror is where you want it to be.

How to adjust car mirrors to see your blind spot

Blind spots are areas around your car that you cannot see, and can be the cause of a multitude of accidents. By adjusting your mirrors in the correct way you can eliminate these and make your motoring journey all the more safer.

Make sure that your mirrors aren’t pointing too far down (we know it can be tempting to do this to assist with parking, but that won’t help you when driving along now, will it?) so that you can see enough of the road behind you. Adjust your mirrors to the point where you can see the lane beside you – by being able to see this you’re eliminating the amount you can’t see due to the structure (known as the B pillar) of the doors and car’s shell.

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