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Do Electric Cars Need Servicing?

Traditional internal combustion engine vehicles are intricate machines filled with hundreds of parts that can go wrong, especially under the strain of carrying you, your passengers and your cargo across the country. Electric cars, on the other hand, are a little bit of a mystery to most people at this point – they just work. Well, except when they’re spontaneously combusting or running out of juice about 50 miles sooner than expected… Anyway, these EVs seem to be pretty reliable mechanically, so do they need to be serviced? Allow us to explain.

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Do I Need To Service My Electric Car?

There’s no legal requirement to have your electric car serviced (and the same goes for petrol and diesel cars, while we’re on the subject) but it is still highly recommended that you do so. Annual services, usually coinciding with your MOT test, are a good idea no matter what source of power your car runs on, as these can ensure that your vehicle is kept in tip-top condition and is less likely to cause you any problems in the future.

What Is Checked In An Electric Car Service?

As we said at the top of this page, the list of parts that can break or suffer wear is far longer when talking about traditional, fossil fuel cars, but that doesn’t mean EVs have zero components that need to be maintained. The parts that will be checked on during an electric vehicle service include, but are not limited to:

  • Brake pads and discs
  • High-voltage cables
  • Cabin and air-conditioning filters
  • Battery coolant
  • Charging cable and port
  • Battery health
  • Steering linkages
  • Drive shafts

How Much Does It Cost To Service An Electric Car?

When compared with internal combustion engine vehicles, electric cars are actually very cheap to service. In fact, the average price of an EV service in earlier 2023 was only £103 which, as any seasoned driver will tell you, is significantly cheaper than their fossil fuel powered counterparts – diesels were the worst, with an average cost of £163!

Can I Take My Electric Car To Any Garage For A Service?

Within your local area, you might be lucky enough to find that every garage can service EVs, but generally speaking, you are not able to simply book your car in with any mechanic. Only those who are professionally trained in working with high-voltage equipment (i.e., your car’s battery) are qualified to service electric cars. As these vehicles become more and more common on our roads, it makes sense that garages will swiftly begin training all of their staff to work on EVs, but for the time being, you might have to look a bit further afield.

In terms of warranty, it’s very likely that you’ll be required to get your car serviced at a manufacturer dealership if it’s still within warranty, but once that protected period expires, you’ll be free to go anywhere you like.

How Often Do Electric Cars Need Servicing?

While it is highly recommended that you get your EV serviced every year (at least once it’s a few years old, anyway) and this is generally advised by the manufacturers themselves, some – including Renault – say that their electric cars may not need to be thoroughly inspected annually.

For example, the French car maker believes that their Zoe electric vehicle can go twice as far as their internal combustion engine cars before a trip to the garage is necessary. That’s 18,000 miles as opposed to a paltry 9,000!
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