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Can You Scrap Any Vehicle?

There’s an awful lot of variety on the road if you can look past the Corsas, Fiestas and post-2020 SUVs. When buying a car, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to take since we all have our own tastes and requirements, but there’s something to suit every driver. But what about when it comes to scrapping? Can you offload everything from motorbikes to motorhomes? Let Scrap Car Comparison explain.

Spoiler alert: you can with us! Scrap Car Comparison can get you the best price for your car, van or other vehicle, sourced from scrap and salvage specialists in your local area. Our network of buyers spans 99% of the country, so we’re sure to have a buyer for your car just around the corner. You can get a quote for your vehicle in less than 60 seconds and once you accept, you can arrange for it to be collected and taken away at a time that suits you – and, this collection is absolutely free! Give our sales team a call on 03333 44 99 50 or use our scrap price calculator to find out how much money you could make from your old vehicle now.

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The Rules Around Scrapping A Car

Back in the day (and by that we mean pre-2013) it was fairly straightforward to scrap a car. You take it to the scrap yard, the owner gives it a once-over and pulls out a wad of cash to offer you in exchange for the vehicle. But, with that simplicity came exploitability, something that crooks and criminals took full advantage of by stealing cars and scrapping them, cash in hand and off the record, before you could even call the police.

Fast forward to the creation of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and you find an industry with tighter regulations and a little bit more effort put into keeping track of who’s selling what. The good news is that our whole reason for being is to simplify that process to make it as hassle-free as possible for our customers, while making sure that everybody involved gets a fair payment and everything is done ‘by the book’.

Cash payments are now outlawed, with bank transfer being the preferred method of purchasing a car. The speed at which this can be done, particularly with the everyday use of mobile banking now, means that payment could be in your account in minutes.

When selling your car as scrap, the proper paperwork must be completed to unregister the vehicle as your own and transfer ownership over to the business. Personal photo ID must also be shown to confirm that you are the owner of the car, or the person who has been given permission by the owner to sell it. Then, the DVLA must also be notified that the vehicle has been scrapped using the correct documentation.

The buyer should also be a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility, or ATF, which is essentially a fancy name for a scrap yard that has received approval from the relevant authorities to dispose of cars. They are also legally responsible for disposing of every vehicle they purchase in an environmentally friendly manner, with at least 95% of each one being recycled in one way or another.

Can You Scrap A Brand New Car?

Admittedly, there aren’t many situations in which this would cross a driver’s mind. However, if you’ve bought a car that’s fresh out of the factory and proceeded to write it off within a few miles, you absolutely can send it off to the scrap yard. The good news is that not only will you probably get a premium price for the car, it might also be used as salvage instead of being totally crushed, meaning its parts will end up being reused as is to give another car a fresh lease of life. You might even find your quoted price boosted if your vehicle goes down this route!

Can You Scrap A Car That Still Has Finance?

No, you can’t knowingly sell a car that still has outstanding finance payments left on it. In fact, it’s illegal to do so since you do not, technically, own the vehicle. The solution to this is to pay off the finance in full so that you claim ownership of the car, or alternatively, get the buyer to settle the remaining balance. Bear in mind that if you do that latter, unless your buyer is extremely generous, they’ll probably reduce their offer for the car to account for the finance payments. This method is only really viable if you need the vehicle and accompanying finance deal out of your hair in a hurry.

Can You Scrap A Classic Car?

You can scrap any car, including classics. The better question is should you scrap a classic car, and that depends entirely on how much you care about historic vehicles and what kind of condition the one you own is in. Since cars over 40 years old are exempt from MOT tests, they have to be in especially poor condition for owners to even consider selling them, let alone consigning to the scrap heap.

If it’s seen far better days and will prove to be a costly restoration job, you might struggle to find a private buyer unless we’re talking about a particularly rare and appreciated motor. If the car is sitting in your garage with rust springing up in places you didn’t know existed, it’s probably time to part ways with your old classic and cash in.

Which Cars Can Be Scrapped?

In summary, any and all cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles can be scrapped. You simply have to be the rightful owner (or have their permission) and you can sell your car as scrap. It might end up being salvaged instead, if it’s in good nick, but even if it’s a write-off that’s barely holding itself together, it’ll be worth something to an Authorised Treatment Facility.

Luckily for you, Scrap Car Comparison works with only the most professional Authorised Treatment Facilities to find drivers from all across the UK the best price for their old, unwanted or broken vehicles. In less than 60 seconds, we can quote you for your car using just your vehicle registration and postcode and, if you accept the offered price, a local collection operative will pick up and remove your car absolutely free of charge! So, call us on 03333 44 99 50 or use our scrap car price calculator to find out just how much money you could earn from scrapping your vehicle today!

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