Can You Drive Wearing Sunglasses?

While you might think that weather conditions affecting your driving ability may be limited to the autumn or winter, what about the glare of driving in the blazing sun on a summer’s evening? Or the reflection of the sun off puddles on a wet road? Glare is often given as a reason accidents happen while on the road, so it may be a natural instinct to put on a pair of sunglasses to ease your view when behind the wheel – but what, if any, are the rules and regulations surrounding wearing shades in the driver’s seat? Scrap Car Comparison takes you through them all.

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What are the rules around wearing sunglasses to drive in?

While there are no specific rules surrounding sunglasses, the Highway Code states that you should slow down and stop, if necessary, when dazzled by the Sun – while not written, this leaves it open for interpretation that you should wear sunglasses otherwise you’re not taking the relevant actions to avoid being dazzled.

What you will need to be aware of, however, is what type of sunglasses you’re wearing. By law, all sunglasses are required to have their tint level clearly labelled, and it is recommended that you only use the lightest of tints when driving. 

Can you wear sunglasses while driving?

While it is suggested that in bright sunlight you do use your sunglasses to protect you from the Sun’s rays, it’s important to ensure that you have the right type of lens for the conditions, and time of day, that you’re driving in. We’ve listed all of the types of sunglasses, and UK law states that all sunglasses sold must have their category clearly stated – you’ll notice that only Category 0 sunglasses can be used for night driving, whereas the darkest tinted glasses cannot be used at all when behind the wheel.

Light TransmissionCategoryUseLimitations
80%-100% (clear)0indoors / overcast day none
43%-80% (light tint)1low sunlightnot for night driving 
18%-43% (medium tint)2medium sunlightnot for night driving
8%-18% (dark)3bright sunlightnot for night driving
3%-8% (very dark)4exceptionally bright sunlightnot for day or night driving

Why should I wear sunglasses to drive in?

Wearing sunglasses could protect you in the event of driving into low sun or when the sun is reflecting off of a wet road following a rain shower. If your eyes are straining from the glare, your ability to read the road ahead of you will be greatly reduced, and it could even distract you entirely from potential dangers ahead. As long as you’re using the correct type of glasses – i.e. dark enough to protect against the level of sun yet not too dark as to be counter-intuitive – then you should be able to have a much safer view of the road.

If your car has been severely damaged following a glare-related incident, then chances are you might want to think about getting rid of it for something a little newer – and perhaps invest in some new shades or even anti-glare strips for your windscreen. Whatever you want to do, the quickest and easiest way to make sure you get as much for your old car as possible is to use Scrap Car Comparison’s industry-leading service.

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