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Ok, so it’s time to ‘Scrap my car’; we compare hundreds of scrap vehicle prices across the country from our national network of trusted partners. Remember, Scrapping a vehicle does not have to be a stressful event. We will do all the searching, so you will just need to talk to one of our in house trained industry experts who will be able to deal with all of the scrap car dealers and generate the best quote possible for scrapping your car.

We help people every day in their search to “scrap my car for cash”. By searching so many prices we can generate the highest prices when you want to sell my vehicle for Scrap.

Furthermore, our trusted partners are all authorized treatment facilities, meaning that only the most environmentally friendly methods of disposal are employed. From removing all hazardous fluids to recycling 85% of the vehicles weight, we are able to ensure that we are looking after the environment whilst you are scrapping a car for cash.

Go Scrap Compare

Scrap your vehicle now! Ok, lets get started. Just fill in our online comparison form now to compare scrap prices for your vehicle. You may be thinking “I am not sure if Scrapping my car is the best route”. Well, if your car is repairable, an MOT failure or simply not ready for the scrap yard, we can help in providing a quote for you. This takes a little longer, but a quick 5 min call to one of our automotive experts is all that is needed to provide you with an instant quote.

Once you have accepted an offer on your vehicle, we’ll arrange collection for you. This is organised at your convenience and we will try our best to fit in around your busy schedule.

Genuine scrap car buyers

Don’t be fooled into accepting offers that are clearly above market value. This is a common tactic for some of the small companies in the industry to win the bid on your vehicle. They then send the driver out who is told to knock the price down (often far lower than market value). These companies are time wasters and should be avoided at all costs. Another tactic is to try and book in your scrap vehicle for a large amount and then charge you a collection fee. All of our scrap car dealers are respected in the industry and are carefully selected for their reliability and integrity. Plus they all offer a complimentary free collection service.

And lastly, we would like to reassure you that we take your privacy very seriously and follow the data protection act 1998, therefore, your information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

“Recommended, quick and easy, i got the best price to so saved me loads of time”

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