Do I need a certificate of destruction when selling my scrap car?

Do I need a certificate of destruction when selling my scrap car?

There seems to be a lot confusion about whether you need a certificate of destruction and the simple answer is NO.

The important thing for the ‘registered keeper’ is that ownership transfers out of your name at the time you sell or scrap your vehicle.

This can be done in either of the following two ways:

  1. Completing section 9 of the V5c and posting this to the DVLA. All future liability for this vehicle passes to the buyer from the date of transfer recorded on this document.
  2. Request a COD – this is given either straight away or within 7 days of issue. By insisting on a COD you will prevent any buyer from being able to re-sell your vehicle. This however may reduce the price the buyer is willing to pay, especially if you are selling a later or repairable vehicle.

By choosing to complete section 9 of the V5c, you will not be limiting the value you might receive for you vehicle. In the event you choose this option and the ATF does decide process your vehicle to be scrapped a COD will be issued regardless.

If  you have not got the V5c ‘registration certificate’ you can either apply for a replacement using a v62 form or scrap the vehicle and have a COD issued. In this case however the collector my request proof of id and some proof of ownership.

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