What To Do If You Damage Property While Driving

Being involved in an accident is something no-one likes experiencing, but it can often feel that much worse if you’ve caused damage to property as opposed to another car. For starters, there’s the embarrassment of driving into something that likely hasn’t moved for potentially years, but then there’s also the question of what do you do next? In an accident situation you’d swap insurance details with the other driver, but if you’ve knocked down a tree, a wall or similar, where do you go from there? Scrap Car Comparison takes you through all you need to know if you’re ever in that unenviable position.

Chances are if you’re worrying about the damage caused to a solid structure then your car is more than likely in a bit of a sorry state itself. Luckily for you, that’s where Scrap Car Comparison thrives. We have a nationwide network of scrap and salvage specialists at our fingertips waiting to take your damaged car off your hands, and we’ll make sure you get the very best price possible for it too. It couldn’t be easier, so get started today by just providing us with your postcode and registration number and let us do the rest.

A damaged car that has crashed through a cinderblock wall

Do you have to report a minor bump?

If you’ve had a little bump while on the road but the damage is negligible, it may be tempting to just try and brush it under the carpet and pretend like nothing has happened. However, doing so could result in your insurance policy being invalidated if it should ever come to light that you’ve failed to disclose an incident.

If any of the damages are to someone else’s property, then you should stop and provide your name, address and car registration details to the person who’s property you’ve crashed into. Providing insurance details will speed up the claims process, but is only a necessary requirement in the event of someone being injured. If you can’t locate the owner then leave a note with your details and report the incident to the police on the non-emergency 101 number within 24 hours.

Does my car insurance cover damage to property?

Whether or not your insurance is going to cover your bump with someone’s wall will depend entirely on what type of insurance policy you have. Fully comprehensive policies will usually cover damage to the property of others, although individual policies may vary so it’s worth double checking the fine print on yours.

Can you claim on insurance if you hit a wall?

There is nothing that says you have to have had a crash with another driver for your insurance to take effect – and if you’re running with a fully comprehensive policy then you’ll be covered for any and all eventuality, including hitting a wall. If the wall was someone else’s property, then your insurance should cover any damages for this, but it will only cover damages to your car if your policy is comprehensive.

What to do if you hit someone’s property

Whether you’ve scuffed the edge of a wall and dislodged a brick, or you’ve had the misfortune to drive your car into someone else’s garden, making a car-shaped hole in their perimeter fence on the way, the next step is the same no matter the level of damage. First up, stop (not hard to do if you’re nose down in a flowerbed, admittedly) and inform the owner of the property if they’re around. If they’re not, then inform the police. After you’ve told the police, you’ll need to inform your insurers. As previously mentioned, failure to tell your insurers about any incident risks invalidating your policy.

Get the best price with Scrap Car Comparison

Whatever the outcome of the other person’s property is, your car is likely to be in a worse state, and if it’s particularly badly damaged, scrapping may be the only realistic option open to you. Here at Scrap Car Comparison, we’ll find you the very best price whatever the condition your car is in. We have specialists in all four corners of the country, with free collection offered to 99% of all addresses in the UK, so you’re never too far away from the easiest option for the very best price. Get started today and see just how much your sad, broken old car could be worth.

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